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Holiday Party Games That You Will Enjoy

Rujuta Borkar Feb 29, 2020
The holidays are upon you and you need some party games for the party that's happening this weekend? This information will help you with exactly that - some of the best holiday party games that you can use at any event for guaranteed fun.
We love our holidays, don't we? We love that time away from work and school and to spend some time without any tensions, deadlines, and studies. The deal is that, added to the ritual celebrations that any festival brings with it, it becomes a perfect chance to host a party. And if there is a party, then it goes without saying that there will be games needed.
To help you with that, here is a collection of some holiday party games that you can use for your party. And it's not that they are limited to merely a particular festival. These can be made a part of any holiday celebration―may it be Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day or even just a weekend holiday party.

Holiday Games for Kids

Kids and games, they go together. Get a group of kids together and they'll ensure that they start having fun. How about you giving them some party games to have fun with? Here are a few that they'll really enjoy.

Waddling to Victory

Get the kids to stand in a line and place a tennis ball in between their knees. The objective of the game is to cross over to the finish line without dropping the ball.
The kid that manages to do that the fastest, wins. If the space is less, you can have two batches and then the winners from both can compete for the main prize.

Flour Plates

Arrange for a table or a wooden surface which has paper plates that have been filled with flour in it. Each of these plates has a small candy in it. The kids' hands are folded at the back.
At the blow of the whistle, the kids have to work through their plate and try to locate the candy by using their mouths only. They have to find the candy and run to the end of the room with the candy in their mouths. The first kid to do this, wins.

Balloon Bursting

A rope has been fixed at a height in the room and on this there are balloons tied. The kids are divided into teams. Each team sends a player from their team. This player is given a cap which has a pin tied to it.
At the blow of the whistle the kid has to jump and try to burst as many balloons as he/she can till the blow of the whistle. After all the teams are done, the team that bursts the most balloons will win.

Holiday Games for Adults

It's always fun to play party games for adults, right? These games can be carried over to any holiday party and they'll guarantee success. Here are some of these fun games that you can look into.

Un-Peg Me

This is a couples-only game because of the nature of it. In this, all the men are covered with clothes pegs on their clothes. All the men have an equal number of pegs. The women are blindfolded and stand on the other side of the room.
At the blow of the whistle, they have to find their partners by following their voice and then try to locate and collect as many pegs as they can in the given time. The team that has the most pegs wins this fun party game.

Dress Up

You can use this game as a couples-only game at any party. Form pairs from among the people present, better if they are a female-male pair. The right hand of one partner is tied to the left hand of the other, and the same is done to the legs as well. The pairs then stand against a table on which there is a flower garland and a flower bracelet kept.
At the blow of the whistle, the couple has to tie the necklace and the bracelet on each other. The male ties the necklace and the female, the bracelet. When the couple is through, they cross over to the other side where they will be judged. The first couple to reach the other side with the necklace and bracelet in place, wins.

Paper Crossing

The group is divided into pairs. They are given two strips of square pieces of paper. At the blow of the whistle, one person lays the paper on the ground and the other has to cross over by stepping only on the paper. If their leg touches the ground, they have to start all over again. The pair that crosses the finish line first, wins this holiday party game.
Now that you have some of the best holiday party games, you can plan your party knowing that you'll have the best time ever. Ready for a whole load of fun this holiday season then?