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Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

Wish to give your Christmas cards an individualistic look? Well, the best way would be to make them at home. These ideas will help your cards stand out from the store bought cards.
Tulika Nair
What is your favorite memory of Christmas? Well, for most of us it would be the opening of presents. But there are some amongst us, (hint: yours truly), who look forward to collecting the cards that people send out during the holiday season. And without doubt the cards that always make a mark are those that people lovingly create themselves.
There are many ideas that can be used to create Christmas cards. You do not necessarily need to be an expert at craft activities. There are many simple ideas that you can use for making cards that will take no time at all. Here, we give you some of the easiest card making ideas that you can use.

Easy Ideas to Make Christmas Cards

If you have many Christmas cards to make, then it may be a good idea to probably use an online Christmas card maker, that will allow you to create a template and then print out as many copies as you want. If you have to make just a couple of Christmas cards, then use the simple ideas given here.

The Look of Antiquity

Revive the classical beauty of the objects of the time gone by in your Christmas cards.
It can be one of the best ideas that you can use to ensure that the card you are making is a very different from all the other cards that your friends have received for Christmas. To make such a card, use a card paper which is embossed with designs that are synonymous with the holidays.
Preferably use paper in rich colors like red, green, and shades of gold. Next cut out rectangular card shaped pieces of the paper. You will then need to acquire recycled or handmade paper which has an antique tinge to it. Cut out this paper in a size smaller than the earlier card paper.
Now carefully stick it on the card paper. Once the paper is dry, use a calligraphy pen to write the Christmas message that you have chosen. Use Christmas card sayings that are in archaic English. If you choose, you could tie a pale golden, velvet, or silk ribbon at the edge of the card.

Let it Pop

If you are on the lookout for simple ideas for kids, then a pop-up card can be a great Christmas crafts idea. Cut a greeting card paper of the size that you want and fold it in half. Now draw the figure that you want to pop up on a piece of heavy paper, preferably white in color.
The size of this figure should be half of the length of the card size and three-fourth of the width of the card (when open). Outline the figure and paint it in the colors that you like. Now using a ruler, draw two parallel lines on each side of the figure that measures out two inches away from the widest part of the figure.
Using a pair of scissors, cut out the figure according to the outline that you have made. Do not cut out the paper tab that exists in the form of the parallel lines. Now fold the figure in half to make a crease mark, Unfold the same. Now the paper tab under the figure will need to be folded at both ends by half an inch.
Take the figure and position it in such a manner that the center of the folded figure is placed above the center fold of the card. Now decide where you want to stick the ends of the paper tab so that you can decide how far you want the figure to pop. Allow the glues tab to dry before you fold the card. This can be a great card for Christmas.

Frame Your Message

Okay, so this may be a card making idea that may seem a little difficult, but actually just the opposite is true of it. All you need is a card paper in a color that you like, translucent butter paper, and markers or sketch pens.
Now take the card paper and fold it into three parts. This folding should be done in such a manner that the width of the center part is twice the width of the card paper parts on either side. Now when you fold the two parts on the side, it should cover the center half. This is your basic card. Now take the butter paper and cut out a rectangle.
The size of this rectangle should be one-fourth the size of the card that you have made. Now open the card, and create a design of your choice right in the center. But ensure that a majority of this design can be covered by the transparent butter paper. Stick one end of the butter paper on the center part of the card paper.
Fold the two parts. Now comes the slightly difficult part. You will need to cut out a rectangle that spans across both folded halves that is exactly the same size as the butter paper and overlaps the same area. Once you have done this you have created a frame for the butter paper. Decorate the card as you please.

Be Eco-Friendly

If your card making idea is not a last minute one, then this is an idea that you can use. For this card, you will need a large leaf that has been dried for a while. You could use a Maple tree leaf or even a Sycamore leaf. Ensure that the leaf has been dried properly, so that you can use paint and other decorative items on it.
Use glitter pens, paints, or even sequins to decorate the leaf and use the pens to write your Christmas message. You can use a translucent butter paper cut in the same shape as the leaf to cover the eco-friendly card that you have made. Unleash your creative side while making this card.
While the ideas for homemade Christmas card given here are some of the easy ones that you can opt for, there are other ideas at your disposal as well. You can always opt to create cards in different shapes and sizes. Card making can be a lot of fun if you decide to create cards in shapes of things synonymous with the Yuletide spirit.
For example you can opt to make cards shaped like a Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath, a snowman etc. You can also play around with the design to change the way the card opens up. Spend some time on thinking about what to write in a Christmas card. It should match the look and design of the card. That can be very important.
Now that you know, how easy it is to use different ideas to create cards, use any one of them and spread the joy of the festive season.