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Creative Homemade Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Rujuta Borkar
Bored of gifting him the same old gifts from the same old shops? Then it's time to try some homemade Christmas gifts for boyfriend. Perfect solution, don't you think? Here we will give you some of the best gift ideas that you can readily use. Ready?
Why stick to the boring old gifts from the boring gift shops? Predictable. That's what it is. No surprise element either. So what we say you do this year is you turn the whole deal around and make some homemade Christmas gifts for him.
He's probably not expecting you to do something like that, so the surprise element will be that much more and the gifts by themselves will be really special. Why? Cause when you put your efforts into making a gift, there is a lot of thought put into it to make something nice that the other person will love.
But we totally understand if you can't really think of gift ideas, so to get you started and help with the homemade gift ideas, here are some suggestions that you can use. If you are confused about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, refer to the following ideas.

Best Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Homemade gifts are some of the most thoughtful gifts to choose for your boyfriend because they show that you've put in a lot of efforts and thought in making them. That they aren't simply bought off the shelf. That is why personalized gifts are always a great gift idea. Here are some ideas for the kind of homemade gifts that you can get for your boyfriend.

Memory Jar

This one has got to take the cake from among all the personalized gifts. Purchase a glass jar and then fill it with 'memory chits'. You know? The funny, emotional, silly, sad incidents that have created memories through the span of your lives or just his.
You could tap into themes like 'The first time you met', 'His first day at college'. Make it even more special by asking his friends, colleagues and family members to write a chit about their favorite memory of him.

Bake and Make

It is true, it really is - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (We are not ruling out other ways). So get down to it and bake him a nice cake, or a batch of cookies.
You could make it really cheesy by baking him a huge red heart-shaped cake with really cheesy messages like 'I Vuv you' or something to that effect. Or you could try some of the more exclusive baked goods that will last throughout the Christmas and new year season. Every time he takes a bite of the goodies, he'll remember you. Nice huh?

Song Medley

It might be a cliché, but it works really well. Sit down and make an extensive, gigantic, humongous list of songs that he likes. Then get down and record DVDs of all those songs.
These songs will exclusively be his collection. Every time he wants to hear his favorite songs, he has them ready for a listen. Perfect? Perfect.

T-Shirt Graffiti

This one can be turned into romantic, funny, naughty or any other emotion that you want to give it. All you do is buy a nice white or black (or any other color for that matter) T-shirt and then graffiti all sorts of stuff on it.
Go crazy with funny quotes and sayings, or stick figures depicting your love story, or places that have been important to him - like his favorite bar, or the name of his college and things like that. This makes for one of the most perfect homemade Christmas gifts for men, don't you think?

Photo Frames

One of the best presents for him is to collect some of your memorable snaps together and some of his, and then gift them to him with a photo frame. That way he can keep changing the snaps over again and have a reminder of you guys.

Photo Collage/Album

Look through all his childhood snaps and the others that you can get your hands on and select the ones that you think are really good.
Arrange them in an album, add interesting captions to them and present it to him. We bet he'll love looking through that album all the time. If you're good at computer software, then you could scan them and make a collage of the same and present it to him.
Add some other gifts that you think of making in this list of homemade Christmas gifts for boyfriend, like something that you've knitted by yourself or a CD of songs that you've sung. Trust us, he'll love them all.