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How to Hire an Efficient Event Management Company

Shalu Bhatti Mar 8, 2020
Hiring an efficient event management company can save you from the tumult that organizing an important event by yourself may cause. From theme to decoration, caterers to menu, venue to invitations, these experts can arrange it all and how! Here are tips on how to choose the event management company.

A Budget-saving Tip!

For small-scale events such as birthday parties or family get-togethers, try hiring a promising company that is new in the business, and get the work done at a lower price, as compared to the reputed companies.
Events have become more than a need for a meeting, social gathering, or perhaps a refreshing get-together; they have become an important marketing and promotional tool for many organizations to attract new clients and sustain the existing ones.
Even when it comes to personal occasions, there is always a sense of 'competition' where we all want to leave an everlasting impression on our guests, and leave them awed with the ambiance and hospitality offered.
While we all would love to take things in our own hands and be responsible for making the occasion a memorable one, the consequence of this decision may result in being stuck in an environment which could be as chaotic as 'chaotic' can get, pretty confusing isn't it? That's what organizing a seamless event could be.
Here comes the need of hiring an event management company that consists of experts who are capable enough to carry out this multifarious task with efficiency and ease.

How to Choose the Right Event Management Company

Thanks to those of us who settle for nothing less than perfection, the event planning and management industry has become worth millions of dollars, thereby making it one of the most powerful industries in the economy.
This fact brings forth another interesting point―there are many such companies in the market, and therefore, the decision to choose the best among the rest still needs to be made with a lot of caution. These options will help you with the same.

Seek Recommendations

Spreading the need of a good event manager across the neighborhood would be a good way to get some recommended names. There is a high possibility that someone in your trusted circle would have availed the services of an event manager in the past, and who would be a better source to testify against, or in favor of a company, than a dear one?

Do an Online Search

Internet is a great source to gather any sort of information. The best facet of it is that each and every organization has a website that helps potential customers to, in a way, get a glance at the company in question.
Pay close attention to the customer reviews and ratings section. Various online websites such as the Better Business Bureau, help in providing genuine reviews and feedback. Evaluate each and every comment thoroughly, to get an idea of the percentage of satisfied clientele.
You can also check if there have been any registered complaints regarding the company. Though not each and every source on the internet is reliable, an online search will definitely help one get a somewhat generic idea.

Visit their Office in Person

The best way to determine if the company is registered or not, is to visit their office and take a look at their registration document in person.
Another advantage of this visit would be that it'll give you a chance to see how 'professional' they are. Enter the office as if you're going to inspect them in every possible way.
Notice how the receptionist treats you and replies to your queries. If you insist on meeting the other staff members, see if their attitude is hospitable or their busyness puts you off in some way.

Review their Past Work

We consider this point to be the most crucial one in the decision-making process. Event organizing is no child's play, and while many may claim to be efficient enough to get the job done, one needs to determine this on the basis of their past work experience.
Ask for pictures, videos, and other sources that give you a clear idea of their capabilities, and if they are right for your specific need or not.

Ask for References

There is nothing wrong in asking for additional references to seek assurance. While pictures or videos of their past work will show you the end result, speaking to their previous clients would tell you how smooth or rough the entire process was. Were they right on schedule? Did they keep the client updated with the progress or delays in the schedule?
Was the staff easy to deal with? Was the outcome in sync with the total cost incurred? Would they like to recruit the same company again for an upcoming event? Asking these questions to the previous clients of the company would help you make the right decision, and perhaps, you might even get some valuable suggestions from them.

Evaluate their Vendors and Suppliers

The names associated with the company, in departments such as catering, venue management, audio and visual settings, decoration, travel arrangement, and the like, should be trustworthy and first-rate.
Vendors and suppliers, together with the event planners, come together to make the venture a complete success. So, it is crucial to evaluate their work and reputation, for their credibility would speak in favor of the company as well.

Ask for Price Quotations

The competition is stiff, and therefore, each and every company would want to get hold of potential clients by offering a feasible price quotation.
It is always better to shortlist at least 3 to 4 options that seem most promising to you as a result of your research.
Ask for free price quotations, and see what seems to be most appropriate as per the quality of services offered. Note that going for the least expensive option is not always the right thing to do; the quality of work, vendors, suppliers, and the like should also be kept in mind while making the decision.
Not all events are the same; organizing corporate events―business meetings, convocations, seminars―need a different approach than organizing personal events such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays.
It is important to clarify beforehand with the selected company, regarding your exact requirements, in order to avoid any confusion, which may hamper the success of the event later on.
Even when it comes to signing the contract, make sure that all the necessary details regarding the estimated price, agreed terms and conditions, policies regarding cancellation, and the payment are mentioned clearly.
It would also benefit to see if the working style of the company consists of nouveau technology. Evaluate, think, decide, and always remember―work speaks!