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How to Make Christmas Cards

Neha Joshi
Want to add a personal touch to your Christmas cards by making them yourself? Here's how!
Every year, family and friends await Christmas cards from each other. Though there are multiple options from where you can buy these cards, it is always better to make them yourself.
Let's see how we can do just that. Here is a simple step by step procedure that will tell you how to make these cards at home.


  • 4 laid papers (15''x7.5'') in different colors
  • White Sugiharagami Paper (7.5''x7.5'')
  • Tape/Gum
  • 3 Construction Papers in Red, Green, and White each
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Satin Ribbons in White and Red


  • Take the red construction paper and draw circles with 1-cm radius on it. Cut these circles and keep them aside.
  • Now, take the green construction paper and draw holly and mistletoe; cut that too.
  • After this, draw some stockings on any construction paper of your choice; cut these too.
  • Similarly, draw candies, gift boxes, and Christmas trees (a Santa Claus too, if possible); cut them too.
  • At the end of this, you should have enough cuttings to decorate 4 different cards.
  • Now, fold all the laid papers into halves and on the front side of each, stick a Sugiharagami paper from the edges, using gum or tape.
  • Stick all these decorations differently on different cards and write Merry Christmas on the front side of the laid paper, keeping the Sugiharagami blank throughout.
  • Inside the card, you can write some Christmas quotes, carols, or just a few lines on your own.
  • Lastly, just cut some ribbons, make bows out of them, and stick them to the front of the card (on the Sugiharagami paper) with tape.
Tips: If you need to post the letters, make sure you use lighter paper than laid. Also, make the cuttings out of normal paper instead of construction paper. Avoid the ribbons as well.

Teaching Children ...

While teaching children how to make these cards at home, you can use the same procedures mentioned but there are few things you need to keep in mind.
First, you should use inexpensive paper as kids are not so careful while cutting, pasting, or writing; you might waste a lot of paper in the process. Second, you need to make the cutting easier as intricate cutting may leave the outcome shapeless. Nowadays, DIY kits are available in most stores during Christmas. These work the best with children.
You can write merry Christmas in different languages using calligraphy, to make your cards look unique. This year, give your family something personal.