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How to Make a Ninja Costume

Parul Solanki Feb 28, 2020
The season of Halloween is upon us and it's time to get those costumes in order before the festivities begin. For those of you who want to sport the ninja look, here's showing you how to do it without the trouble of actually making it from scratch.
While others are busy buying expensive costumes or parents painstaking stitch a costume from nothing, there are other ways to put together a costume in a jiffy. If you're in a hurry to get a costume without shelling a major amount of cash, then you're in the right place (fortunately) at the right time. A ninja costume comes in all sorts of colors, where the classic old-school kind is the black fierce version. Not only will we help you put together a ninja costume, but you'll learn how to make unique ninja mask and sword.

Ninja Costume-making Instructions

Ninja costumes even if black from head to toe, can have elements of color in the overall look. While a black belt is a popular choice, how about choosing a fiery red? And instead of going for the masked look, how about tying a black bandanna around your forehead and painting a series of Japanese alphabets in white across its front? There are a ton of ways that you can tweak your look without coming off as an ordinary ninja. Here are the key pieces that you'll need to put together the ninja look:
You can find these pieces either in your closet or you could buy them from online or the nearest store. Since winter's around the bend, you'll have no trouble finding a black turtleneck (if you can't find a black one, use white).
If you have beige cargo pants or another color besides black, you can either dye them black or hunt for a pair which you'll easily find in the men's section (women can check out the lady's section, if not, men's will do).
For the kimono, there's this oriental website that you can get one from called huadesign, or the nearest store that has short black cotton/satin robes (if you cannot find a black kimono, look for one with Japanese-esque detailing in colors of bright red, rich blue, green, or pearly white) or just solid colored ones as a last resort. 
The black ribbon should be thin; if you find a fat spool of ribbon you can always snip it down the middle.

Simple Instructions

  • Slip the black turtleneck on and tuck it into the black cargo pants. Because the pants are straight-fit and loose, you'll need to snip enough black ribbon to tie the region a little above the ankles. If you see the look of a ninja, you'll notice these ribboned knots. It gives the pant a bulky curve while being tapered by the black ribbons.
  • Next, wear the kimono and fasten the belt firmly.
  • Slip on the woolen (any material) gloves and tuck the extended length into the sleeves of the turtleneck.
  • Wrap the scarf around your upper torso just above the knotted kimono, securing it into place like a corset. Fasten with safety pins.
  • Tuck the ends of the pant into black ankle-high boots - your look is almost complete!

How to Make a Ninja Mask

All you need for the mask is a plain black t-shirt (cotton) - cut the t-shirt in half. After you've pieced your ninja ensemble together, place the black t-shirt over your head (as seen in image 1) and let it sit along the bridge of your nose. 
Bring the back of the t-shirt over your head and let it rest along your forehead (as seen in image 2). Then taking the cloth from either side, tie a stiff knot behind your head (as seen in image 3).
Tuck the lining across your forehead and along your face inwardly, to give it a clean look - whatever material is left loose around the front and back, tuck into the turtleneck. Simple, really.

How to Make a Ninja Sword

Things Required

  • Two thick sheets of cardboard (if it's thin, use three instead)
  • Tin foil
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Poster colors of your choice
  • Glue stick
  • White chart paper

Simple Instructions

  1. Take one sheet of cardboard and draw the outline of a sword using an image for reference of whichever kind you wish to carry.
  2. Draw the outline on the cardboard with the pencil, making sure that its length and breadth is enough for your sword cutout.
  • Once you have the entire outline drawn, cut along the outlines carefully using a sharp pair of scissors or a paper cutter (whichever is easier to use).
  • Once you have the first cutout, lay it against the second cardboard sheet and trace its outline (as seen in image 1), repeating the previous step.
  • Once you have the two sword cutouts, tape them together (as seen in image 2) along the edges (you could also use quick-drying glue).
  • Cover the entire length of the sword's cardboard blade in tin foil (as seen in image 3) after running the glue stick along its length. Add two layers of the foil using the glue to hold it in place.
  • Cut out enough white chart paper to cover the handle of the cardboard sword, gluing it into place - color it in a palette of your choice with added elements like stars or a fire-breathing dragon to give it a more realistic look.
  • Let it dry in the sun or someplace cool before using it.
The ninja costume is pretty easy to put together, just be sure to buy everything you need at least a week before Halloween. If you don't want to use a black t-shirt for the mask, you could use a ski mask as an alternative. Have a happy Halloween!