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How to Make the Perfect Black Swan Costume

Payal Kanjwani Mar 5, 2020
Fed up of seeing a variety of versions of the Black Swan costume on the internet? Here we guide you to make the perfect Black Swan costume.

Don't forget your nails!

Swipe your nails with a glittery black polish. Black Swan would look incomplete without those fiery pointed nails.
Our all-time favorite Halloween costume, or say the last-moment savior, The Black Swan attire has various versions. Here, we give you step-by-step guide to make a perfect Black Swan costume. So let's begin with styling-the Natalie Portman way.

Things you'll need

  • Black Corset/Black Leotard
  • Black Tutu
  • White Tights/Legging
  • Tiara or Plastic Crown
  • Fabric Glue/Hot Glue=
  • Ballet Shoes (flats and ribbon)
  • Rhinestones/Silver Diamond Studs
  • Scissors

DIY Tutorial for Black Swan Costume

The Black Swan costume is actually a two-piece dress, but these pieces together create the illusion of one single piece. Gather your supplies, and get going.
► There are two ways you can create the top of this costume-either get a black, laced corset, or you can go with a regular corset/leotard and add rhinestones or a black feather boa to the neckline of your corset.
If you've noticed her outfit in the movie, you'll see that it has rhinestones and feathers accented along the right side of the bust, so you can stick those using fabric glue or hot glue. Add black lace to hide the ends of the quills.
► Get a black ballerina skirt (tutu). Or you can make one at home.
You'll need 6"x25 yds tulle rolls. Fetch a tulle strip and fold it halfway lengthwise. Take the long way, and tuck a knot. Fold it over the elastic band. Use a chair for support. The elastic can be measured by subtracting 4 inches from your waist size. Sew the ends of the elastic overlapping each other. Then decorate your tutu with some feathers.
► Get a pair of white/transparent tights or legging.
► Grab a plastic (or metal) tiara and spray-paint it black. Then, hot glue diamond studs or fake crystals to the tiara if you want. You can also add a small veil to the front of your crown, from the leftover tulle. You could also adorn your hair with feathers.
► Buy pointe shoes. You can also add ribbons to regular ballerina shoes. Using hot glue, attach ribbon strips on the inside of the ankle area. After you've worn the legging, knot the ribbons of your ballerina in the dip behind the ankle bone.
► Next, we would paint our hands with black paint, creating scale-like pattern. You can even wear black-laced gloves if you don't wanna paint them.

► Lastly, to make your costume more black-swan-like, you need to have wings. If you don't get those black wings, you can buy white angelic ones and paint them black.
► Time for glamorous eye-makeup! Black Swan has distinctive makeup-eyes that look vengeful. Stick artificial eyelashes to get a wilder look. Using a liquid eyeliner, stroke out thick lines on both, the upper and lower eyelids. Apply black eyeshadow with the tinge of gray. Make your eyes look dramatic!

Tada! We're all set for a themed party.

Additional Tips

  • You can carry a black feather clutch along, for a finishing look.
  • For that extra wow-factor, learn a few ballet steps.
  • Keep your toes pointed to carry yourself with the right posture.