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How to Rent a Christmas Tree

Shalu Bhatti
Renting Christmas trees has become a booming business, the aim is to prevent cutting of trees. Let's see the essential steps on how to rent a Christmas tree, and more.

Call It Adopting, Not Renting!

Most tree providers also give you an option to "adopt" a Christmas tree. You can opt for the same tree every year, and see it come to your home a foot taller every time. It feels as if a child is visiting home during Christmas holidays!
We guess the best part about renting a live Christmas tree is the fact that you have something to cherish without any guilt or responsibility. Imagine the relief of not having to cut a tree for Christmas, yet experiencing its freshness in your living room.
Most of us, somehow, feel heartbroken when we see the once-lively and scented tree, shedding, drying, and dying slowly, where in the end it was either dumped in a landfill, burned, or churned into mulch.
For the environmentalists, there seems nothing more satisfying than this option. While there are some suppliers who also provide artificial Christmas trees for rent―and what you choose is absolutely your call―somehow, we feel that Christmastime is incomplete without the fresh scent of a real pine, fur, spruce, or cedar variety in your house.
Also, a living tree poses lesser threat of catching fire as compared to a cut tree. The branches of the cut tree tend to dry out and catch fire easily, whereas live trees are potted when delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is take care of its water needs till it adorns your house, the guidelines for which are given by the vendor itself.

Steps for Renting a Christmas Tree―Artificial or Real

There are various suppliers in the market, and each region has a few popular names. The way these providers work tends to differ.
For example, there are some who have their own nurseries and farms, where the trees are returned post the season, and nurtured further for the next. On the other hand, some companies tend to sell these trees further for plantation purposes, and get a new stock for themselves.
Whatever their way be, the main point is that at the end of the season, the trees are given proper care and opportunity to live their entire lifespan, which is about 70 to 100 years! The following are the simple steps that you need to take, in order to rent a tree.

Go to Their Website

Ordering online seems to be the most convenient and preferred option. However, if you have any tree farm or nursery nearby, you can always check with them. 
There are many well-known tree providers including The Living Christmas Co., Living Christmas Trees, Rent A Living Christmas Tree, to name a few. Some tree providers deliver to certain regions only, while other ship all over the U.S. A good look at some websites is all it would take for you to get started.

Look for Their Delivery and Price Policies

Most providers charge extra for the delivery and pickup, while some will give you an all-inclusive deal. You might be able to save on a few dollars if you are willing to pick up and return the tree by yourself, especially if it is a small tree.
For trees that are taller, it would be best to get it done by professionals to avoid inconvenience and damage. It would be advisable to compare at least 2 to 3 options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Browse Through the Tree Options

We think it's better to be sure about the tree supplier first, and then consider the available options. You may interchange this step with the one above, if you'd like. When deciding on the height and width of the tree, be sure of where you wish to place the tree.
If you are opting for a tree without decorations, don't forget to subtract the height of the tree topper. You needn't worry about the stand as it'll come in a pot. If you're going for an artificial Christmas tree, these too come with a steady base. If you're going for aromatic trees, make sure that no one in the house is allergic to scents.

Make the Final Order

Once you have decided on the type of tree, it is time to make the final order. Because certain trees are region-specific, you will be able to browse through options only after selecting your zip code. Once you have made the selection and filled in your details, the next crucial step is to select the delivery and pickup date.
Most suppliers also have options of selecting trees with prior decorations, or eco-friendly Christmas ornaments. For payment, it would be best if you have a PayPal account. Credit/debit cards are also acceptable. Some suppliers may also accept cash/check on delivery. After placing the order, most tree providers will give you a confirmation receipt.

Be Sure You're Home to Receive It

It would be best if you have someone at home around the delivery date and time. Note that some vendors may charge you extra if they have to come again to your house to deliver.
If that is not possible, most websites have an option of 'leave on porch'. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions in reference to this, otherwise, before checking out. From what we saw, most suppliers highly emphasize on someone being physically present at the time of delivery, as trees are heavy and need to be kept cautiously in the final spot.
In case of artificial or decorated Christmas trees, it would be best to be there to examine the state in which the tree was delivered so that later on, during pickup, the vendor cannot charge you extra for missing elements or damage that you're not responsible for.
Go green this holiday season by renting a beautiful living Christmas tree, without the guilt of harming your environment in any way whatsoever. While getting a Christmas tree cut from a tree farm is an eco-friendly option as well―as it can be recycled into firewood and mulch―not many families take the effort, and dump it in a landfill instead.
With the rental option, you know that the tree will be very much alive and flourishing under the care of experts. Plus, you needn't worry about the extra work and time to pick, dispose, and perhaps, decorate the tree. Merry Christmas!