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How to Set a Table Properly

Mamta Mule Mar 3, 2020
Want to know how to set a table properly? Here you'll find an entire outline of setting a table in the right way.
A rightly set table is the best way to honor guests at a dinner. Following proper table setting etiquette is an essential part of a formal or casual dinner. It gives a beautiful touch to the dining room as well as to the food served.
Right from the classy tableware to the beautiful tablecloth, each major and minor thing should be considered to make it an ideal dinner gathering. Here's how to set a table properly and give it that sophisticated and classy touch.

Things to Consider

Basic Setting

A plain tablecloth looks elegant and goes well with a decorative table runner and place mats. You can opt for a patterned tablecloth, but try to avoid an overtly jazzy one. Make sure that all the items go well with one another.
Covering only the mid section of the table, a table runner can highlight a simple tablecloth. The place mats should be arranged for according to the number of invitees and the seating arrangement.
You can opt for decent-looking jute place mats that will look great on any tablecloth. Choose a lovely and attractive centerpiece to enhance the table decorations.

Elegant Tableware

Opt for the right pieces of tableware (the prime elements of the dinner and the dining table). A uniform choice in the tableware is a must. You can opt for silver, glassware, or a combination of both. Sterling silver flatware can be used to give it a complete look.
Things that should be arranged on the table: napkins, charger plates, dinner plates, bowls, dinner forks, salad forks, cocktail forks, bread and butter plates with butter knives, dinner knives, ladle, soup spoons, drinking-water glasses, and wine glasses.
Napkins that complement the tablecloth will add a perfect touch.

Right Placement

Start by placing a dinner plate on the table in front of a chair. Also, make sure that there is enough space between two chairs so that each person can eat their dinner comfortably with the tableware placed properly besides each plate.
For the plates, start by first placing the decorative charger plate on the table, followed by the larger dinner plate, quarter plate, and bowl, on top.
Now, place a dinner fork closest to the plate, on the left side. A salad fork should rest beside it. The napkin should be kept on the extreme left of the forks. You can opt for different styles of folding the napkin.
Place the dinner knife closest to the plate on the right side, followed by the larger spoon and soup spoon.
The rule is that forks should be kept to the left and knives and spoons to the right. A cocktail fork, however, is an exception since it is placed on the extreme right side. The fork handles should point to the left and the spoon handles should point to the right. Also, the knife's blade will face the plate.
The bread plate can be placed to the left of the forks or just in front of them. Place the butter knife in front of the plate, horizontally. The glasses will go in front of the knives with the drinking-water glass closest to the plate. The wine glasses should sit to the right of the drinking-water glass.