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Ideas for Decorating Parade Floats

Kashmira Lad Mar 15, 2020
Parades are a time for fun and frolic. You will find some basic ideas for decorating parade floats in this article.
Every time I think of parades, the electrifying atmosphere and the dazzling floats spring up in my mind. Watching a parade, or better still participating in one, is a whole lot of fun. The bright colors, lively dances, and costumes, along with the pulsating music, simply add to the atmosphere.
The amount of creativity that is seen in a single day shows the kind of enthusiasm from the participants, which often draws visitors from different corners of the world.
However, participants need to come up with unique ideas and know about the nitty gritties if one wants to stay in sync with the others! If you are new to this concept, take a look at these ideas for decorating parade floats.
Parade floats are not only used as a form of decoration, but also to convey a message. The first and foremost step is that you need a trailer for the show. For this, you need to find out about the rules and regulations of the show. The rules generally specify the size that is permitted for the float.
Once you have decided the size of the trailer, you can then start planning the theme. Most parades shows may be thematic, which itself will give you an idea about different ways to decorate the float.
Begin by sketching a couple of designs for the float. A few sketches will help to try out different compositions that can beautify the trailer. You can also try out different color schemes. You can even have a color combination that is based on the theme.
Use of props also enhances the look of a parade float. Props can also be made at home. These have to blend well with the theme. If it is a beach theme you are opting for, you can include cutouts of shells or even mermaids for the decoration. The placement of the props is also important, as the trailer would be in motion on the street. Therefore, these props should be fastened firmly to the trailer.
Apart from the props and cutouts, balloons can be an inexpensive addition. Tape balloons on the sides and in the center. These can make the whole decoration appear colorful. Along with balloons, you can also add crepe paper, known as streamers.
These are readily available at any shop in a variety of lengths and colors. With the help of a simple tape, you can even attach these to the balloons. You can place a pole in the center of the trailer and decorate it with crepe paper and balloons.
Another idea is the use of flowers. Any kind of flower will liven up a parade float. However, natural flowers may not be able to remain fresh for the entire duration of the parade. In that case, you can make simple and decorative paper flowers at home. These can be pinned anywhere and will definitely not wilt!
With these ideas, you can plan the theme well in advance. Don't forget to ask about the deadline so that your design is ready right on time!