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Inexpensive Christmas Decorations

Marlene Alphonse Dec 21, 2020
Inexpensive Christmas decorations can be made at home using some basic things. Learn how to make Christmas decorations, on a budget, to add to the festive spirit, here.
The best thing about Christmas is the decorations. From the beginning of Advent, the entire family begins the preparation for the festive season, with tasks being allotted to each person.
Mom takes the kitchen in her stride while the rest of us would concentrate on the Christmas decorations. It used to be fun creating beautiful decorative pieces from simple things that were available at home (though some of the things needed to be bought).
Decorating for Christmas should be a hassle free task, without worrying about the budget. There are many inexpensive Christmas decorations for you to deck the halls and other rooms of your house.

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

A number of cheap Christmas decorations can be made by using some simple things like cotton, twigs and confetti etc. The first thing that comes to the mind while talking about Christmas is the Christmas tree.
You can make a mini Christmas tree out of the branches by placing them together in a vase. Paint the branches in white or silver color and secure them together with a florist's Styrofoam block. Cut out bells from golden paper and stick them firmly to the leaves.
You can also ask your kids to draw stars on a silver paper, cut them out neatly and stick them to the tree with glue. For the snow you can use cotton balls. Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbons is also one of the ideas for inexpensive Christmas decorations.
Another excellent and elegant Christmas decoration is to make a manger depicting the story of Christ's birth. Make a frame similar to a cave with the help of sticks, tying them securely with twine. Take many sheets of brown colored paper and spray them with dark blue paint.
Allow the sheets to dry completely, and stick them to the wooden frame. For the crib, get hold of a large box with equal dimensions and lay hay inside it. Cover it with a white cloth. Spread the hay on the ground around the crib. You get statuettes of the Holy Family, animals, shepherds etc. in various home stores.
Place these statuettes in the manger to create the scene of Nativity. This will make a superb outside Christmas decoration.
You can use homemade Christmas decorations to create beautiful centerpieces for the table. Christmas centerpieces can be made using floating candles, jars containing green and red (the colors of Christmas) glass balls or yarn balls placed in a basket, sprayed with glitter.
You can also make roses out of tissue paper, of various colors, and place them in a flower vase. For the table cloth (if it is white), create designs with the help of a marker and attach beautifully crafted ribbons along the hem of the table cloth.
Once you are done with decorating your home, it's time to concentrate on the outdoors. If you have a fence around the house, you can place wreaths of holly and ivy around them.
Tie red, white and green colored satin ribbons along the fence and wreaths. You can also hang a small-sized wreath, with a pair of turtledoves, on your front door.
Cut out cherries with leaves from Styrofoam or thermocol and color them. Stick these in the middle of the wreaths placed on the fence. This outdoor decoration will make your house look inviting.
These cheap Christmas decorations, are easily made and are attractive. Use these ideas for inexpensive Christmas decorations and have fun transforming your home and invoking the spirit of Christmas with your folks. Seasons greetings! Wish you a Merry Christmas!