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Inexpensive Christmas Ornaments

Rimlee Bhuyan
Looking for inexpensive Christmas ornaments that you can make at home? Here, we are going to teach you how to make Christmas ornaments by using craft supplies.
Christmas ornaments are an essential part of Christmas and they are used for decorating the Christmas tree. But these ornaments do not come cheap and each year you have to fork out a lot of money to get the latest ones.
Inexpensive Christmas ornaments are hard to come by and we know that you will loathe to use last years ornaments. So why not make your own Christmas ornaments this year and personalize your Christmas decorations.
Simple household articles can be used for making Christmas ornaments and they are quite easy to make too. All you need is a bit of creativity to come up with some interesting ideas for making them. Glass, paper, bead, ribbons, buttons and paint can be used to make them.
The best thing is that your whole family can get involved making these beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments and have great fun too.

Inexpensive Christmas Ornaments to Make

Given here are some inexpensive Christmas ornament crafts that you can make at home. Some of the materials are already available in your home, whereas others can be bought from any craft store or hobby center.

Silver and Blue Beaded Snowflake

Things required
  • Flexible wire
  • 6 oval blue glass beads
  • 6 silver seed beads
  • 6 blue seed beads
  • 12 round silver beads
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter
Cut the long flexible wire into three equal sections that are 6 inches in length. Now place all the wires together in such a way that it makes a six pointed star. Bend the wires in the middle so that you get the shape of a snowflake.
Now string each wire with one blue seed bead, one round silver bead, one blue oval bead, one oval glass blue bead and two silver round beads. Once that is done, use the wire cutter and trimmer to bend the flexible wire so that the beads do not fall out.
Repeat the same pattern in beading for the rest of the wires. Take a small section of flexible wire and attach it to one end of this beaded snowflake so that you can hang it from a Christmas tree. These glass and beaded Christmas ornaments will look very attractive when hung on the Christmas tree.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Things required
  • Yellow colored felt
  • Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter
  • Hole punch
  • White buttons
  • Fabric glue
  • Red beads
  • Piece of thick nylon thread
For this easy to make Christmas ornament, you need to first place the yellow colored felt on your work table. Now place the cookie cutter over it and cut out the Christmas tree pattern. If you don't have a Christmas tree patterned cookie cutter, you can cut out the tree pattern freehand or use a template.
Once that is done, punch a hole right at the top of the felt tree and attach a section of the nylon thread to make a small loop. Now apply a bit of fabric glue to the white buttons and attach them all over the felt tree. Attach the red beads with the glue and your felt Christmas tree ornament is done.

Wire and Ribbon Ornament

Things required
  • 22 gauge flexible wire
  • Silver glitter
  • Silver colored wide ribbon
  • Purple colored narrow ribbon
  • Small pliers
  • A glass bottle
To make these ornaments, you need to first roll the flexible wire over a glass bottle making sure that you are overlapping them. Once you are done, carefully remove the wound wire from the bottle, by gently sliding it through. With the help of the pliers, bend both the ends of the wire and try to shape the wound wire into a rough ball shape.
Once that is done, string the purple ribbon through it and form a series of wide bows. Do the same with the silver ribbon and make a loop at one end to hang the ribbon. To make this wire ornament more attractive, simply paint a bit of glitter and allow it to dry. Your cheap homemade Christmas ornaments are ready.

Beaded Christmas Ornament

Things required
  • 12 inch copper wire
  • Assorted beads (in colors of your choice)
  • Bead cap
  • Small pendant bead
  • Wire cutter
To make this beaded ornament, thread the small pendant bead into the copper wire. Slide the pendant bead into the middle of the wire and then fold the wire in half. Thread the rest of the beads through the wire, reserving one bead.
Next, thread the bead cap through the wire. Separate the two wires and string it through the last bead in opposing directions. Twist the wire together to make a small loop and cut off the excess wire. Your beaded Christmas ornament is ready.
Making these homemade Christmas ornaments is quite economical and you can have great fun too. If you are looking for easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make, then you can try homemade Christmas dough ornaments. Although ornaments made with dough do not last long, they are one of the easiest for kids to make.