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Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Shashank Nakate
The story presents information pertaining to inflatable Christmas decorations in short. Using these decorations at home and in the yard should enhance the overall appearance of the house.
The inflatable decorations are fast becoming popular with their availability in different shapes, designs and characters associated with Christmas. It is easy to set up these decorations. The inflatable decorations can be installed in the house as well as outdoors.

Inflatable Decorations for Christmas

The inflatable Christmas decorations are made of nylon; this material is used because of its durability. Vinyl can also be used to make these decorations. The designs of Santa Claus and reindeer are commonly used. There are many variants of Santa Claus inflatables available in the market.
Apart from the regular designs you can find ones with Santa riding a motorcycle, Santa with a reindeer, a Homer Simpson Santa, etc. Christmas cartoons also are prominent amongst the different inflatables used for decoration. Kids love to have such inflatables for toys.
Amongst the different comic characters, Disney cartoons are the popular ones. Size of these inflatables can vary greatly. These decorations come with the necessary equipment for blowing them. It is easy to store these items after use. This is because, the size of inflatables gets reduced to a great extent after being deflated.
One can therefore, store them for future use. Equipment which comes with inflatables has tethers along with pumps for inflating. The tethers help secure these items properly. Visual impact created by inflatables is eye-catching and therefore, draws the attention of onlookers. Their large size makes them appear attractive.
Colorful designs of these decorative artworks also help in drawing attention of the viewers. There is one more advantage of using inflatables. These are air-filled balloons and do not pose any problem to children. However, the disadvantage of using inflatables is that they can easily get punctured which renders them useless.

Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

The inflatables having a large size are suitable for yard decorations. Designs of snowmen and other such inflatables are suited for yard decorations. It is one of the best Christmas yard decorating ideas. Inflatables are also used to depict nativity scenes which form an integral part of Christmas decorations.
Outdoor decorations can be positioned in different places i.e. on rooftops, driveways, yards, etc. The heavy-duty material used to manufacture these decorative items helps them withstand the harsh weather outdoors; low temperatures and snowfall do not affect these decorations.
Inflatable Christmas lawn decorations should include life-size snowmen decoration. Even bigger inflatables of Santa should make for an eye-catching view. One can also think of presenting smaller inflatable items as Christmas gifts.
Nowadays, custom-made inflatables can be ordered which is a boon for any creative person in implementing his own ideas. One can think about ordering such inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations as per the layout of his house/garden. Let us now find about how to fix the inflatables through following paragraph.

Fixing the Inflatables Decorations

The inflatable decoration pieces, in case they get damaged or holed, can be fixed with duct tapes. Materials required to check the inflatables for holes are as follows: duct tape, tissue paper, hair dryer, vinyl patch kit and fuse.
Holes present in the inflatables can be detected by means of tissue paper; by running a piece of tissue paper piece over inflatables, one can find the hole far more accurately than by just looking for them at random. It is a bit difficult to detect smaller holes.
Several layers of heavy duct should be used to cover the leaks present on inflatables. Leaks can also be fixed by a patch used in repairing vinyl. In most cases, patch kits that need to be glued are used for fixing the inflatables. One would require a dryer in order to set these patch kits.
The inflatable Christmas decorations help enhance the beauty of indoor and outdoor area of house. It is rather difficult to attain the visual effect exhibited by these decorations through any other means or enhancements. The inflatable decorations are therefore, a nice addition to Christmas celebrations.