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Most Popular Christmas Gifts

Puja Lalwani
Here's a list of the most popular Christmas gifts to inspire you and help you decide which one would be suitable for your loved ones. Take a look.
Gifts should be heartfelt, not forced. The desire to give them should come from the desire to see your loved one happy, not because of some ritual that has been followed for ages.
Christmas is a time when such a desire emanates straight from the heart, without the pressure, without the need to follow a ritual. The festive spirit is so ingrained in the hearts of all that the desire to give someone something that will bring a smile to their face, comes naturally.
In spite of knowing that you want to give a gift, sometimes figuring out what you should give is difficult. If you are in a dilemma, here are some of the most popular Christmas gifts that will inspire you to choose the right one for your loved one.
The gifts mentioned here have not been divided specifically for men, women, or kids, because every gift is applicable to a person of any age or gender. Women are as enthusiastic about the latest gadgets as are men, and men are as excited about getting their favorite movies or thoughtful gifts from their loved ones.


Gadgets have a power that can captivate anyone. Even grandpa can be completely thrilled by the new Nintendo Wii, as can your little one by the iPad. How about the iPhone 4S then? Or a set of the best noise-cancellation headphones for someone who loves music? These are all great Christmas gifts for teenagers, adults, and the older ones in the family!
The Apple iPod, a Sony MP3 player, an e-book reader, a pen drive, or an external hard drive - any kind of gadget that you think your loved one will love can be a wonderful gift this season.
If they already own the gadgets, get them accessories to go with these gadgets, such as a case for the iPhone, or some great games for the Nintendo Wii. Gadgets are always among the top 10 Christmas gifts, and as mentioned here, have a mass appeal that can please anyone you give them to.


While one would consider jewelry to be one of the most popular gifts for girls/women, here's some news for you - men love jewelry too; you just need to know what to give them.
Let's start with the women first. Silver jewelry, a pair of gorgeous earrings, a watch, or a chain with a locket specially designed by you; the options are numerous. You could also choose to give her birthstone jewelry as it makes for a great personalized gift.
For men, engraved cuff links are probably the best gift, as are diamond stud earrings (if they wear earrings), rings, bracelets, tie pins, and watches too. Not just a woman's forte anymore, is it?


As mentioned here, for all those of your loved ones who already have the Nintendo and all its versions, the XBox and all its versions, and the PS with all its versions, video games are a great choice.
In fact, the Nintendo WII has games specially designed for kids and adults, educational games, games that keep you fit; basically a whole choice of games that educate, entertain, and help keep fit. What more could you ask for?
Else, you could reinvent the charm of old times and get some classic board games that your family can spend time playing together. The best Christmas gift for the whole family, isn't it? Even puzzles are a good choice in this regard!

Sports Gear

In a world dominated by the television and the Xbox, we all need a little activity too. Get your kids introduced to the world of activity and sports by getting them some wonderful sports gear.
A tennis racket, a badminton racket, a basketball, a football, a new baseball bat, whatever your child shows interest in, gift her/him something to get started with the sport. If it is dance, a pair of dance shoes will do the trick. Again, this option is not limited to kids, and can be used for anyone who is a sports enthusiast.
A golf kit would be one of the best Christmas gifts for dad or your husband, or the latest toning shoes for your wife - sports gear is not just limited as a gift for men. It is another universal gift that will be truly appreciated.


Since most of us can't always afford the object of someone else's desires, we can definitely get them one step closer by giving them miniatures of the object they desire. A miniature of his favorite sports bike or his favorite sports star would be one of the best Christmas gift for your boyfriend.
Miniatures of her and you together would be perfectly romantic. Those of her dream car, or dream home, your little one's music idol, are also great choices. A lot of websites allow you to order such miniatures. For other couples, you could have miniatures of the couples made and give them the most personalized gift ever!


There are a very few people who wouldn't love the gift of food. Gourmet wines and cheeses, or a box of the best chocolates, gourmet coffee with cookies and a recipe book, or a basket full of goodies to prepare the dinner, need we say more?
If nothing else, a dinner at one's favorite restaurant or a new restaurant that serves their favorite cuisine is a great gift. For someone who is a true foodie and loves cooking, see if you can find a restaurant that offers cooking lessons with the chef.
This would make for an excellent Christmas gift for your mom or a friend or a relative, if they are true cooking enthusiasts, and understand the power food can wield on the taste buds!

Books and Movies

Call it traditional if you must, but books and/or movies are classic gifts that just cannot go wrong. If someone's not a reading enthusiast, they may be a movie enthusiast. Get them their favorite book, or something you think they will like.
Get them their favorite movies, or a collection of their favorite sitcoms. Get them a set of their favorite books and movies. For instance, the Harry Potter books and movies would be a deeply appreciated gift by the true Harry Potter fan! You could add in movie merchandise with the movies to make the gift supreme among all the others they may have received!

Clothes and Accessories

The cold weather calls for some gorgeous warm clothing, and this is why some of the most popular Christmas gifts include sweaters, scarves, leg warmers and similar gifts. Of course, these can be personalized by having them monogrammed
If your loved one has been coveting a branded jacket or sweater or scarf and you can afford it, what better gift than the object of her/his desire? Apart from clothes, accessories such as shoes and bags are great and popular gifts for Christmas.
Perfumes are also great choices, and if you are aware of your loved one's taste in perfumes, this is going to be a gift that she/he will definitely love.

Homemade Gifts

Finally, if you just can't seem to figure what you want to buy, make your loved one something special. A jewelry box for your mom, a comfortable monogrammed jumper that smells like you for your little one or your husband, Christmas ornaments or decoration are all great homemade gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.
Also, a key chain, a sketch of all of you together, or a nice painting that you have attempted, are some good gifts for your loved ones. You could also make gift baskets that include the aforementioned items if you can't seem to decide on any one.
You may never know what the most wanted gifts by your loved ones are. It may be that new pair of boots or just a favorite book that they would never buy for themselves. What you have to do is find out what it is they want, what it is they desire, and surprise them by giving them just that.
These Christmas gifts may be the most popular, but eventually, choosing a gift based on the need, and the personality of the receiver of the gift, will make your gift truly loved and appreciated. Merry Christmas!