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Napkin Folding Styles For A Classy Table Look

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 3, 2020
Perfectly folded napkins can make any table setting look grand and elegant as well as enhance the dining experience. Read on to know about different napkin folding styles
An ordinary dinner can be transformed into a fine dining experience with beautiful china and elegant table settings. And no table setting is complete without beautifully folded napkins. There are many napkin folding techniques from simple ones to the more complicated fancy folds.
Beautifully folded napkins add a touch of class to your dining table and also impresses your guests. So, the next time you are throwing a dinner party or are just celebrating a romantic dinner for two, create a unique napkin fold to give your table an attractive look. Here are a few napkin folding techniques that you can try at home.

Elegant Napkin Folding

If you want to create some fancy napkin folding styles, then the most important thing to remember is that for the folds to be distinct, you need linen that has been starched and is crisp. Napkins that are not starched, are simply limp and do not form distinct folds. Here are a few fancy napkin folding techniques.

Diamond Napkin Fold

For this napkin folding style, you need to lay down a heavily starched and ironed napkin in front of you and fold the napkin in half in such a way that the open end is facing towards you. Now fold the napkin once again into quarters. Then fold the top single layer of the napkin diagonally towards the upper left hand corner.
Fold the next layer again diagonally towards the left corner making sure that the edge of the new fold does not overlap the earlier fold. This will give an even, staggered effect. Repeat and fold the remaining two layers of napkin in the same way. When all the layers are folded, fold both sides under it to get a diamond shape. Iron it to define the creases.

Fan Napkin Fold

This is one of the classic and old school style of folding a napkin and is surprisingly simple to create. Place the napkin in your work table and fold the napkin in half. Fold the napkin like an accordion starting from the right hand side and leave 2 to 3 inches free at the left side.
Now fold the napkin in half making sure that the accordion folds are on the outside. Hold the unfolded corners of the napkin and fold them in diagonally, tucking them inside the accordion folds. Open the accordion folds and carefully place it on the table to resemble a fan.

Napkin Folding Origami

Origami napkin folding is so called because it uses folding techniques on a stiff starched napkin to create unique objects.

Bird of Paradise Napkin Fold

This is one of the most popular and difficult napkin folding styles. It should be heavily starched or the creases won't hold. Lay down a clean and ironed napkin on your work surface. Fold the napkin into half and then into quarters until you have a small square. Now fold the napkin again, but this time diagonally so that you are left with a triangular shape.
Place the napkin in such a way that the apex or tip of the triangle is facing away from you. Now fold the right end corner of the triangle along the centerline of the napkin so that the new tip is pointing towards you. Use an iron to set this crease in place. Repeat the same steps on the left hand side of the napkin.
Tuck the edges of the newly created triangle inside the napkin. Fold the napkin in half by bringing the center towards you. Hold the base of the napkin firmly with your hand and carefully pull up the four flaps created by the corners of the napkin and stack them one above the other. Your bird of paradise napkin fold is ready.

Hat Napkin Fold

To make this hat napkin fold, first fold a heavily starched napkin into half so that it forms a triangular shape. Place the folded napkin in your work table in such a way that the apex of the triangle faces away from you. Next fold the right corner of the napkin towards the apex. Repeat the step on the left corner.
Fold the bottom portion of the napkin to the top, making sure that it does not overlap the top portion. This will leave you with a smaller triangle. Next fold the apex of the smaller triangle downwards so that it touches the bottom edge of the napkin. Now gently tuck the left corner of the napkin into the right corner and place it upright on the base.
So these were some elegant napkin folding techniques that you can try for your table setting. Experiment with different folding techniques and you are sure to come up with something unique and beautiful.