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New Year's Eve Party Games

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Aug 6, 2020
Looking for some fun party games to keep your guests engaged on new year's eve? Well, you have come to the right place, for here we have listed some interesting games for kids and adults.
The countdown has begun! Finally it's that time of the year when we bid goodbye to the good and bad memories of the past year and usher the new year with renewed hope. It's that time, when everyone gets to let their hair down and party like there is no tomorrow.
New year's eve is an epitome of party and entertainment. Even those staying at home make sure they have their own quota of entertainment. So, in case you are planning a bash on new year's eve for your friends, make sure you have a heavy dose of entertainment for your guests depending upon the party theme.

New Year's Eve Party Games For Kids

Generally people don't bring kids along for new year's parties. However, if your party invitation welcomes kids as well, then make sure you have something to offer to kids as well. Allocate a special area in your home for kids. Supply them with balloons, streamers and other decoration items. Let them decorate the room for new year's day.
This is a good way to keep them engaged in some activity, so that they can stay awake until midnight. Given here are some games for kids which you can organize on new year's eve.

Whose Resolution is That

Make the kids sit in a circle and write down their resolution for the coming year on a piece of paper. Gather all the resolution chits and put them in a hat. After that, take chits out of the hat one by one and read them aloud. Have the kids guess whose resolution is that! This is a good game for school going kids.


Let the kids make as many three or more letter words as they can from these three words 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'. Depending upon the number of children, you can divide them in pairs, groups or they can play on their own.

Tell the Tune

As Christmas has just passed, kids may have revised Christmas carols. Play some Christmas carols in instrumental form and ask the kids to identify the tune. The kid or team to hit the buzzer first is declared winner. You can make the game a little difficult by playing unusual versions of carols such as chipmunk version or a choir version.
Apart from that, you can also organize some usual party games for kids such as musical chairs, tail the donkey, etc. Distribute candies as prizes for winners.

New Year's Eve Party Games For Adults

Adult's party games are real fun, more so, when your guests have guzzled a drink or two! You can play the new year's resolution game mentioned here with adults as well. Apart from that, you can check this list of party games for adults.


Make a list of some important events of the year. Based on these events, give your guests scenes to enact. They can work in teams of three or four. A team member has to enact the event while his teammates have to identify it. The team that guesses most events right wins the charades.

Move Off My Bench

For this game you need a couple of chairs or a two seater sofa and a lot of imagination. Assume this as a bench in a park and let a guest sit on it. Now another guest comes and sits next to the first guest and acts like a complete stranger.
The first guest has to move the stranger off his bench without touching him. The guest has to come up with real clever tricks to get the stranger off the bench. The time limit given for this game is one minute.

Dancing Couples

This is one of the fun party games that you can play if you have many couples in your guest list. Spread some newspapers on the dancing floor and have a couple stand on each newspaper. When you play the music, the couple has to dance on the given piece of newspaper.
After every snippet of music is played, have the paper folded in half and let the couple dance on the smaller newspaper! The couples which fall off their newspapers are out of the game. The only couple that still remains on their paper is declared winner.

Belly Dancing

This is a popular new year's eve game which people enjoy, especially after they are a bit tipsy. You will need a few sarongs, veils and Arabian music. Have the men in the group take their shirts off and drape sarongs. Mask their faces with veil and turn on the Arabian music.
Let the women in the group watch and judge men, as they wriggle their bellies and groove to the Arabian music. Women can also give away prizes such as the most sexy dancer, most curvy body, etc.

Merry Cherry

This is a very simple game and a fun to play. Place a cherry in each bowl and place the bowls in front of participants. Explain them that they have to eat the cherry from the bowl without using their hands. The game indeed sounds easy at first, but becomes all the more difficult when you pour whipped cream in the bowl.
Now, the participants have to struggle with their mouths to search the cherry amidst dollops of cream and then eat it. This game sure makes for some interesting snaps that can invoke laughter later.

Month of the Year

Get some old newspaper clippings for the current year. Make a list of three events for every month. Write down a sentence or two about the event on paper chits and put the chits in a hat. Let each team draw out a chit. All they have to do is identify the month in which the said event took place. The team that gets most events right is declared a winner.
You can also have many other party games revolving around a particular party theme. Also arrange for some good music and food for your guests. These games and activities can make your party a memorable event for your guests.