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Office Christmas Gift Ideas

Neha Joshi Dec 16, 2020
Tired hunting for some really awesome office Christmas gift ideas? Why, they're right here! Some really unique gifts, that are interesting and some of the very best indeed. Have a look yourself!
"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." ~ Burton Hillis
It is said that a happy and bonded family is the best Christmas gift someone can have. But what happens when you have to gift something to your co-workers, specially those who you may not even know well? For this we have some office Christmas gift ideas, that will tell you everything about Christmas gifts and a tad about gift making too.
So, if you are planning to gift something to your co-workers and/or your boss, this will surely help you. You can also use all these gift ideas mentioned here as gift exchange ideas, since many offices plan a gift exchange game or activity nowadays.

Unique Office Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Baskets

Everyone likes goody bags and gift baskets. Age certainly, is no bar.
For office celebrations, gift baskets can be the best gift idea. You can put all sorts of festive stuff inside these goody bags and make them the perfect present. The stuff can include pens, unique stationery, stick-ons, notepads and all the gift ideas mentioned here.
This gift idea will make your gift stand out because of its variety. This is specially a very good option when you have to gift something to your boss. Don't forget to add those candies!

Festive Candles

Festive candles are another good gift idea for colleagues, and are easy to gift too. These candles are available in the stores, only till the festival lasts. This makes them unique and special as they are not available the year round.
Another good part about Christmas candles is that you can just keep them on the desk as show pieces and not light them. You can either get the same type for all the co-workers, which will make wrapping easy, or different ones as per preferences in all the co-workers. Choose the bigger and better ones for people you know, as they are also more expensive.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are indeed life savers! These are certainly the best amongst all the gift ideas. You don't have to waste your time or efforts in finding out what someone likes. As a Christmas present, you can gift your co-workers some amazing gift vouchers. Using these, they can purchase anything of their choice.
Just as it is human nature to love surprises, it is also human nature to love shopping for free, isn't it? So, go make someone's day and gift them a gift voucher! You can pick up these vouchers from shopping malls, bookstores or a particular brand you like. If you are gifting a voucher from an apparel store, make sure you do so from an unisex store.

Photo Albums

Photo albums is a nice and different gift idea. Give your co-workers a nice photo album, but make it yourself. If you need to give too many, add something to it. Put some photographs with your colleagues at some official meetings or parties.
If you want, you can save yourself some time and paste just one photograph, right at the start. This would mean you are adding your own personal touch to the gift. Buying so many photo albums, however, might be little expensive a gift. You can also put in a Christmas poem or song wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Office Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10


Pens are few of the most traditional and classy gifts, undoubtedly. There are many good pens that you can purchase under $10 and gift your co-workers.
Again, you can buy the same style and design for everyone and maybe put in a small note with it for everyone, wishing them Merry Christmas. You can also add a small Christmas decoration.
Many famous pen brands come up with special festive discounts and this makes our job easier, as we can pick up even better pens at lower prices. This is considered as one of the best and yet cheap gift ideas, not to forget the practicality about it.

Movie CD's

Christmas is all about spending the holidays at home, with family, isn't it? A time when the family comes together. Apart from the vacations plan, and the usual Christmas activities, you need something to do at home, isn't it? This is where movie DVDs step in.
One of the most inexpensive Christmas gifts, you can gift your confrères some of the most classic and famous movies of all times. You'll get these DVDs really cheap in festive offers, and they certainly seem one of the thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Festive Goodies

This is a slightly broader category, so I'll just simplify it a little. If you walk in any of the gifting stores just before Christmas, you will see a lot of sections that say good Christmas presents under $10, $20 etc. These are the gifts for you!
You can pick the ones you like, wrap them and put them in a basket. You can also add some homemade Christmas gifts to this basket. On Christmas eve, just pass the basket among-st your colleagues and let them pick up one gift for themselves. This way, you don't have to decide which gift to present to precisely whom.


Books are again a good office gift ideas. You will get a truckload of famous books on websites such as Amazon. Everyone likes to have a good book around, specially if it's a bestseller or if it's related to their work.
During Christmas, at home, they would become wonderful companions. One of the last minute Christmas gifts, you can pick up some lighthearted books for the holiday and gift them to your colleagues. Even with these books, you can use the trick mentioned here. Wrap them all and let people pick them up randomly.
These were all the office gift ideas and some interesting tips for you to make your gifts better than the rest. Start with the shopping in time to make sure you pick up only the best. You can also visit portals such as Gifts and Christmasgifts for buying gifts on the Internet.
You can learn how to make easy Christmas cards and add one with each gift, so that your gifts look even better and you formally wish everyone a Merry Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Decide which one of these ideas you like the best, and buy those gifts immediately. Merry Christmas!