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How to Make Paper Napkin Rings

Sonia Nair Jul 28, 2020
Handmade paper napkin rings show the efforts made by the host to come up with a perfect table setting. Here are some tips for making napkin rings at home.
Napkin rings have always been a part of a perfect table setting. Though they serve the purpose of keeping the napkins neatly folded, sometimes, along with the cutlery, you may use them for table decoration.
Choose napkin rings that gel with other table accessories, or those, which complement the theme of the party. Napkin rings are widely available in various styles, models, and patterns. However, it is not a bad idea to make them at home. Apart from saving some money, it can be a fun craft activity for your kids too.
Handmade napkin rings reflect the efforts of the host to add a personal touch to the table setting. You may make use of different materials in an artistic way, so as to create unique paper napkin rings. Here are some ideas for making such napkin rings for weddings, thanksgiving, Christmas, or other such occasions.

Method I

You need copy paper, construction paper, ruler, pencil, pinking shears, scissors, stapler, glue stick, ink pad, and rubber letter stamps. Draw lengthwise lines on the copy paper. The lines must run through the whole length of the paper, and must be at a distance of one inch.
Cut through the lines, so that you get paper strips with one inch width. Hold the ends of each paper strip together and staple them to form rings. The next step is to decorate the ring. For this purpose, cut one-inch circles from the construction paper and keep aside.
Take the copy paper and cut out ¾-inch circles from it, using pinking shears. Once the circles are made, you can stamp the initials of the guests on the smaller circles and paste each of them on the bigger circles. Allow them to dry, before sticking each of those circles to the paper rings you have made.

Method II

Use empty cardboard toilet paper holders for making napkin rings, and all you have to do is to decorate them. Take the cardboard tube and cut horizontally to form small rings. You may cut the rings with one to two inches width. Once done, decorate them with materials of your choice. You may color them with metallic paint, glitter, or regular acrylic paint.
Another method is to get satin ribbon, and cover the rings with the ribbon. In that case, stick one end of the ribbon to the inner side of the ring, and allow it to dry. Once it dries, wind the ribbon in and out of the ring in such a way; that it covers the whole ring, and the cardboard is not seen. You may replace the ribbon with fancy threads or yarn.
In the first method, you have made use of rubber stamps to print initials of the guests on the paper ring. You may replace the circles with other designs, or paper flowers. Instead of circles, you may cut stars out of construction paper and stick them on the paper napkin rings. You may cut flowers, bows, or alphabets and use them.
In case of a wedding party or a Valentine day party, you may go for heart shapes. Tiny fir branches, bells, stars, and Xmas balls are ideal for decorating paper napkin rings meant for a Christmas party. You may opt for artificial or fresh flowers to decorate these rings. In fact, you may use anything of your choice to decorate homemade napkin rings.
So, why wait? Splurge your creativity and come up with some unique paper napkin ring ideas for the next party at your place.