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Parade Float Supplies

Parade floats help you display your spirit and enthusiasm. Here is more about parade float supplies.
Medha Godbole Aug 21, 2020
Be it Thanksgiving or Macy's Day, or even Christmas, you cannot do without this. The celebrations would not be hampered if they are not there but then there would be no charm and exuberance typical to a parade, be it any occasion.
These things are what bring the festive fervor and set the tone for the parades all over the world, even the national parades which are held on days of national importance to a country. Want to take a shot at guessing what it is? It is the parade floats! Following is a list of supplies of a parade float:

Essential Supplies

A truck is required to pull the trailer. Then you will need a 2-by-4s lightweight wood for constructing a sturdy frame. Once that is ready, pull the float for a very small minimal distance and check the sturdiness of the frame. Then you will need:
  • Corrugated cardboard or chicken wire for making the design
  • Spray adhesive
  • Spray paint for multiple purposes
  • Artificial grass for covering the base of the float. This is imperative to keep the props in place so that the props don't slip.
  • Tissue paper poms
  • Festooning material
  • Skirting or fringe hides
  • Balloons
  • Lettering supplies for putting up and making the float slogan prominent
  • Building tools such as a hammer, nails, and staple gun to build a frame and decorate the floats
  • Tape, to hold the decorations and embellishments in place
  • Crepe paper streamers, which are the best bet if a frame is not built
  • Car chalk, to write messages on the vehicle pulling the float
These were the basic decorating supplies. Now, you may need some more materials depending on the type, size, and intricacy of the float design. You can have confetti, ribbons, snow spray, etc.
A magnetic tape is a good option to make the things stay properly on the metal parts of the trailer. Further, for lettering, cardboard or Styrofoam can be used, or else you can buy ready-made lettering.

Safety Supplies

Although parade floats and supplies are not exactly prone to fires, there are some precautions which must be taken into consideration to have a beautiful parade. Following are the safety measures to be taken:

Necessity 1

To ensure that the parade float supplies do not catch fire and threaten the life of those in charge of the float and the spectators, fire extinguishers are a must. Opt for a 10 pound ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher on the float. It has to be tagged, sealed, and dated within the past 1 year. All the participants should know how to use it, and where it is.

Necessity 2

According to safety regulations, it is better to avoid fire and open flames on a float. Simulate fire using dry ice. It will be more realistic, but not threatening.

Necessity 3

Fire wall should not be tampered with as far as possible, especially, if the float is built on a vehicle itself. Leave it as it is for the safety of the driver.
The electrical wiring, generators, etc., can also be potential fire hazards. Therefore, it is also essential to use some fire resistant supplies. They are the best bet to ensure that any risks pertaining to fire are kept at bay.