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DIY Pine Cone Decoration Ideas

Marian K Mar 3, 2020
There are a wide range of pine cone decorations that can be made, from tree hangings to table centers. Try some of these tips this Christmas...
The natural beauty of pine cones often escapes those who see an abundance of them at the change of season. However, like most of natures produce, they have a rustic appeal that few man-made products can equal.
Pine cones can be used to decorate the house just as they are, or they can be converted into many different kinds of useful or decorative thingamajigs.
One of the simplest ways of using pine cones to beautify an area of the home is to combine them, with branches of winterberry, and set them atop a mantel or a window frame. For some easy pine cone decorations, collect pine cones of different sizes, shapes, and textures, for there is a wide variety around, and each can be used for a different purpose.

Pine Cone Craft Ideas

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Pine cones make fantastic Christmas ornaments. One can string them onto the branches of the tree just the way they are. If you find this look too rustic, add richness to them by spray painting them in gold and/or silver metallic paint.
Those who like the extra shimmer can throw on some glitter before the paint dries. Another option, for truly royal looking pine cones is to gild them with Dutch metal.
Other way of making pine cone crafts to hang these from the Christmas tree or elsewhere. You may do this by, first making a small hole at the top and bottom of each pine cone. You can either use regular or spray painted cones.
Place silver gray beads on eye pins, and stick them in the holes you've made. Use a little glue to hold them secure. Use sheer ribbon to suspend these decorations from the branches of your Christmas tree or elsewhere.

Pine Cone Flowers

Some people feel more comfortable after treating the cones. Take a saw, and cut the stalk to get 1 or 2 flowers from a medium-sized cone, apart from the top. Coat the cut area by acrylic spray and brush on some glitter on the ends.
Use pine cone flowers along with silk pine spray to create a very pretty Christmas centerpiece for the overall decor. You could also assemble the pine cone around a three long and thick scented candles, while placing some flowers and green in between the pines. The end result will look splendid.

Rose and Pine Centerpiece

Another way to make a table centerpiece with pine cones is to take a beautiful array of bloomed deep red roses, and set them in a round arrangement. Use a semi circular floral oasis, and arrange rose stems and greens on its, with pine cones added in between.
Make the arrangement around a glass candle holder. Use a dough nut shaped oasis, with the candle holder in the center, to make the flower arrangement with pine cones.

Pine Cone Tree

Tiny pine cone trees are favorite because of their simplicity. To make these, just place small pine cones in silver bowls or candlesticks, and top each with a glittering star. Place a small shot glass candle nest to it, on the table.
Another idea is to spray the pine cones silver the way we mentioned in the first decoration, and then string it along with some berries and a bell. Tie a beautiful silver/gold ribbon bow and hang it on the front door or anywhere else.
There are a multitude of ways in which pine cones can be used. Many like to make it into a pine cone bird feeder, while others use it as a burst of decoration on a gift. Once you try out the ones those been mentioned here, you'll have many more ideas flooding your head.