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Preschool Christmas Crafts

Sheetal Mandora
Engaging kids in some preschool Christmas crafts is a fun and educational time. Let's see what are some easy preschool Christmas craft ideas...
During preschool, kids get tons of opportunities to learn different things such as painting, drawing, art and craft projects, and other educational lessons. And at various holidays, they get to learn and understand its meaning through simple craft projects.
So why should Christmas be any different? Making creative preschool Christmas crafts, at home or in school, will be a wonderful experience for them. So take this opportunity to teach them some fun fall activities.

Easy Crafts to Make

Kids are always excited to go to preschool and learn new things. And when it comes to kids' crafts for Christmas, the excitement is hundredfold. And that's what we have to deliver to them. The following craft activities have simple instructions, includes very little supplies, and is appropriate for the kids.

Hanging Popsicle Snowflakes

✜ To make these snowflakes, first collect the material: 3-4 Popsicle sticks, glitter paint, brush, glue, ribbon, and jewel beads.
✜ Take the Popsicle sticks and paint them with glitter paint. Choose the color that the kids like.
✜ Let the paint dry. Once the sticks are ready, glue them together in the shape of a star.
✜ Ask the kids to glue the jewel beads on the sticks.
✜ In the end, help them glue the ribbon on the snowflakes and hang them on the door knob or from the window.
✜ Voila, and that's how the snowflakes are made.

A Christmas Banner

✜ To prepare your very own Christmas banner, first collect the material: 1 red craft paper, 1 green craft paper, glitter pens, glue, scissors, long string, and jewel beads.
✜ First, we need 14 squares to write "MERRY CHRISTMAS" on.
✜ For this, take the red and green craft papers, and cut 7 equal squares of each.
✜ After this, write "MERRY CHRISTMAS", one letter on each square using the glitter pens.
✜ Now, apply glue on the top part of each square, at the back, and glue them onto the string. Keep even spaces.
✜ Once the glue has dried, you can add jewel beads on each of the squares to embellish them. Hang the banner over the fireplace.

Printed Reindeer

✜ To make the reindeer, first collect the materials: 1 brown and 1 orange construction paper, pencil, watercolors, scissors, googly eyes, and glue.
✜ On the brown construction paper, ask the kids to place their feet on it so you can trace them.
✜ On the orange construction paper, ask the kids to place their hands on it so you can trace them.
✜ The brown construction paper will be used as the reindeer's face and the orange construction paper will be used as the reindeer's antlers.
✜ Help the kids cut the pieces out. Glue the googly eyes on the face and use watercolors to paint the red nose and mouth.
✜ Now glue the antlers on the head and the reindeer dry out.
✜ In the end, write the name of the kids behind their reindeer.

Hanging Gingerbread Men

✜ When there are more than 4-5 kids, this craft is perfect to keep everyone busy.
✜ First collect the materials: brown construction papers, crayons, glue, scissors, and green yarn.
✜ Help kids trace a gingerbread man on the brown construction papers.
✜ Next, use the scissors to cut the drawings and have them draw the face and buttons on with crayons.
✜ Once they have finished decorating the gingerbread men, take the green yarn to glue them on it.
✜ Apply glue behind each gingerbread man and attach it to the yarn.
✜ Let it dry. And just like the hanging snowflakes, you can hang the gingerbread men from the windows.

Santa Claus Cards

✜ First collect the materials: red or green construction paper, paint for hand print, paint brush, scissors, googly eyes, and glitter.
✜ First, cut the construction paper and fold it in the shape of a card.
✜ On the front side, have the kids place their hand prints with white paint. Make sure they have enough paint on the hands.
✜ The white fingerprints will be Santa's beard and the palm print will be his face.
✜ Next, use red paint and brush to paint his hat. Let the paint dry and then glue the googly eyes.
✜ Use other paint colors to draw Santa's face and nose.
✜ Inside the card, you can write a personalized note from the kids and send it to grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and friends.
Well, these were some ideas you can try at home and/or in school. I'm sure that not only will this be fun and educational for them, but you're going to love them as well. Have a great time making these easy crafts and please be careful while working with the glue and scissors.