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Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Him

Rujuta Borkar Feb 29, 2020
Run out of romantic anniversary ideas for him and need some pronto? Keep reading for some of the best in these.
Granted, it's us ladies who are really, really into the whole romantic gifts gig, but guys like to receive those gifts too. And  if they aren't accompanied by the sickeningly mushy red velvet hearts and 'I love pooh bear' kind of t-shirts, then they really have nothing much to complain about.
So the key word here is to stay miles away from the mush and get in some love instead. That's why we are dedicated solely to that purpose―Romantic anniversary ideas for him. So if you're in need of some, then get going through this list and by the end of it, surely you'll have the perfect gift for him.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Gifting something romantic to a guy, you might think, is not an easy task to set forth on, but that's really not true. Just remember that men are simple at heart, so you do something that has a personal touch to it, or a special meaning, and they'll love it. No matter what.

Go Traditional

We won't ask which wedding anniversary, nor the amount of time you have spent together before that, rather, we'll directly get to the ideas. But that's definitely an idea that you could look into―something special relating to the time you've been married. Many couples like to go in for anniversary gifts by the number of years that they've been married.
You could get him something that is in relation to tradition and add a personal touch by buying him another gift, just by the way. Double surprise! We think he'll like it.

Whisk Him Away

Always busy in the office, is he? Get him out! Now! How? A little bit of smarts and he'll be out of there. Maybe you know someone in his office and can ask them to arrange for a leave without him finding out? Or you could always make a frantic call and ask him to come home immediately 'cause you're sick or something? That is up to you.
But once he's home, he'll see that you have a day full of surprises planned. It could be a day of lazing in, watching some of your favorite films or you could go to a favorite restaurant. Anything that he'll like doing and both of you will enjoy.

Countryside Picnic

This is a slice out of those old English novels and one of the most perfect first anniversary gifts. Get 2 cycles on hire―if you don't already own them―and cycle away to the countryside. The pleasant breeze, the lush vegetation in the fields, cows lazing in the meadows, a lake to swim... what more would you want?
Spend all day out there, reading, swimming, and eating that special basket of foods that you prepared and get all nice and tanned when you get back. Can it get more romantic than this? We don't think so.

Spontaneous Day Out

It's your first anniversary and the pressure to make it all special is driving you nuts? Just forget all that. Don't plan anything. Tell him to take an off from work and just spend the day doing whatever comes to your mind. You'll be surprised at the things you'll end up doing.
Street shopping, catching kiddie movies, attending a crafts workshop, sitting across each other and reading at a cafe, watching a romantic mushy flick on TV, visiting old friends ...the list could go on. Make your own list.

Adventure Sports

Get in a day of adventure sports! You might think there's nothing remotely close to a romantic outing in this, but surprisingly, there is.
When you are kayaking together, or rock climbing or going in for a bungee jump, securely tied together, you don't think that's going to draw you both closer? Of course it will. Just try it out and you'll see why more and more couples are preferring to get in on some of this action.
So you see? Romantic anniversary ideas needn't really be that difficult to generate. Just think about what he likes and what you both like doing together and you'll have a perfect gift ready for him! But if inspiration fails to dawn, you could use one of these ideas. Have a memorable anniversary.