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Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Khushnuma Irani Aug 5, 2020
Here are some romantic ideas for Valentine's day, to make it different and memorable.
Valentine's Day is when people in love dedicate the day to each other. Holding hands, exchanging gifts, smiling, kissing, and hugging are things you will see people doing on this special day.
You don't want to do the same thing, do you? The same exchanging gifts, going out for dinner, and then snuggling up together; everything is expected. However, this year you want to do something different. But then, what can you do? All the things mentioned here!

Romantic Ideas to Help You Celebrate

Get Up In Style

Very rarely does a married couple with kids get the chance to get up in style, which means they are always rushing to get breakfast sorted, kids ready for school, lunch packed, and getting ready for work.
In the midst of this chaos, they hardly have a chance to enjoy a day in bed, relaxing and getting up in style. Why not make this day special? Decorate the bedroom with candles, cook up a brilliant breakfast in gourmet style, and serve it in bed.

No More Store-Bought Candy

Why settle for the same old store-bought candy, why not make the candy yourself? Not only is this much romantic, but it is so much fun, and your love interest will appreciate the fact that you made the chocolates.
You can be as creative as you want. You can make a giant heart-shaped chocolate, a large chocolate kiss, or chocolate truffles. You can even try your hand at baking a cake and writing your love filled message on it with icing.

Massage, Massage, and Massage

Spend your day at home with the one you love, and do things that you enjoy doing. Why not indulge in a spa experience at home?
Take a warm relaxing bath together, in a tub filled with roses and lots of bubble, all the while talking to each other, sipping on champagne, eating chocolate-covered strawberries. End the glorious bath with a relaxing massage, choose an oil that you like, and massage the kinks out of your lover's body and vice versa.

Fill Your Screen With Romance

Instead of going out on, why not spend the day at home watching all your favorite romantic movies?
Just make some popcorn (if possible, heart-shaped candy popcorn) and some cocktails. Movies, like Casablanca, 50 first dates, Pretty Woman, and Roman holiday are some great picks.

Indulge in 'Good Mood Food'

Snack on chocolates, oysters, asparagus, figs, or even honey. These foods could put you in a great mood that could help you enjoy this love holiday even better.

Romantic Messaging All Day

If both of you are working and can't get out of work, still keep the romance alive by sending each other text messages filled with love quotes, or expressing love. You can write a love sonnet or a limerick for your darling.
Now that you have 6 ideas, celebrate with a difference. Depending on what you both like, zero in on one. If possible, you are free to try them all; just plan well. Hope this day brings you more beautiful memories, and endless love!