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Sentimental Christmas Gifts

Charlie S
Looking for sentimental Christmas gifts for men and women? Then look no further, for here we give you some ideas that will help you find the right gifts for your near ones.
Giving sentimental Christmas gifts is always challenging. This is because you have to think exactly what your loved one would appreciate and then make the purchases accordingly. You need to find the thing which he/she can relate to and gift it in a unique way.
Whether you are buying a gift for mom and dad or one for your boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to remember that the feelings which the gifts convey are far more important than the price of the gift. The ideas given here will help you get the right ones this time.

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized bracelets and pendants make great sentimental gifts. You can get your names engraved on the bracelet or pendant. You can personalize a pendant by having photographs of the two of you on it.
You can make a piece of jewelry out of 'reasons I love you' stones or bracelets from alphabet beads. You can even purchase metal stamps of the letters you want and make a bracelet or a small pendant by grouping them to make your or his/her name. Both your effort and thought count, when it comes to sentimental gifts.


A scrapbook of old memories can be a very good sentimental Christmas gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Write accounts of your times spent together, the experiences you shared, the little things only you know about one another and things nice and sweet about him/her.
Add your photographs or other good pictures and make the book look nice. It's definitely a sentimental gift for your loved one.
It's also a good idea for mom and dad. Collect their pictures, make a timeline of the different events in their life after marriage, before you were born and thereafter. You can make a collage or a timeline using these pictures. That's quite a bit of effort, but anything for those tears of joy in your mom and dad's eyes, right?

A Photo Album

A photo album can be one of the sentimental Christmas gifts to give your near ones. Collect the different photographs of that person or the two of you together.
If you are gifting the album to someone in the family, collect pictures during family functions, picnics and other family events to make a personalized album with those. Write quotes below each photograph as an account of what those pictures speak.

A Musical Instrument

Musical instruments can be given to people of all age groups. Your brother always wanted a guitar? Gift him that, this Christmas.
Your boyfriend plays the keyboard? How about gifting him just that for Christmas? There is an emotional value attached to musical instruments, perhaps because what they create is pure and filled with emotions - it's music.


Paintings are a good option. You can choose a theme you and he/she can relate to, a theme that's related to the relationship you share. Gifting your loved one an exquisite work of art is always a good Christmas gift idea.
Paintings by eminent artists to add to his paintings' collection is surely a good idea. But great if you are good at painting. Gifting a handmade painting adds much more emotion to it.

Cards and Keepsakes

Well, cards aren't gifts, but go a long way in adding a sentimental value to any gift. Here's a tip, add a beautifully worded card with any gift. It will personalize the gift and will serve as the means to communicate the heartfelt.
Word what you feel for the person, or how much he/she means to you, write poetry if you are good at it. It's touching. Keepsakes are another great idea as sentimental gifts for Christmas.
Keepsake glass boxes, a musical globe, a Christmas wish plate, a messages' mug or jar (a decorated mug or jar with small message cards), keepsake Christmas ornaments and plush toys are some of the other options to choose from, when looking for sentimental Christmas gifts.
Choose the gifts that you think are the most appropriate picks for your loved ones. Merry Christmas.