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Ideas for Gorgeous Spring Wreaths

Puja Lalwani Aug 13, 2020
The placement of spring wreaths within and outside your home is perhaps the best way to welcome this magnificent time of the year. Here are some ideas for you to make some gorgeous wreaths for your home.
Spring will soon be here, and what can be the better way to welcome it than using some splendid, colorful spring wreaths? Just like we announce the arrival of fall or Christmas by placing wreaths on our front doors, spring too can be announced in a similar manner.
While you may purchase ready-made wreaths that are available at home and lifestyle stores or online, you may also indulge in a great craft project by making your own spring wreaths for the front door or to be placed above your bed.
The material you use to make these wreaths depends on you. You may use fresh flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers, cut outs of varied shapes from stock paper, foliage in varied shades of green, and even Easter eggs to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
The idea is to think as creatively as you can, and welcome spring with just anything that you think is relevant to this happy season. Here are a few ideas for you to choose from and introduce the color of spring into your life.

Fresh Spring Wreaths

Make a fresh spring wreath by using flowers such as hydrangeas, tulips, pansies, daffodils, and other such flowers that spell spring in all its bloom. Use various color combinations to create a burst of color that marks the arrival of spring.
Apart from flowers to spread freshness, you may also use various fruits to make a fresh, colorful spring wreath to be placed indoors, say as a table centerpiece. Else, you may use plastic fruits to achieve the same effect for an outdoor wreath.

Play with Color

Instead of a combination of bright, contrasting colors, you may choose to make a monochromatic colored spring wreath in order to come up with a great idea for outdoor wreaths.
For instance, a fresh spring wreath made of yellow tulips and bright yellow green foliage would look stupendous when placed on your front door. You may also make the same wreath and place it above your bed to give your room a dash of color.

Unique Wreath Bases

An idea for a decorative wreath for spring could include using a swimming tube, an old cycle tire, twigs, or a simple circular wooden frame for a base, if you are not comfortable with using foam and fresh flowers.
Wrap the tube with a bright colored cloth (say made of satin) to make a colorful base. Stick dried flowers, fillers, ribbon, or other such decorative elements to it to make a bed spring wreath that will last you all of spring.
Another great idea for a spring wreath base is the use of wire. Craft wires of varied thicknesses are available at craft stores. You can mold them to resemble any shape, and eventually make a circular spring wreath. Because the beauty of this wreath lies in its base, decorate it sparingly.
For instance, tie a ribbon at one point in the wreath and leave it at that. Or else, you may use feathers of varied colors or peacock feathers to decorate the wreath. These will merge with the base without killing its identity, and you will have created a masterpiece.

Experiment with Design

You needn't fill up the whole spring wreath with flowers and other types of decoration. Instead, simply decorate one portion of the wreath.
For instance, if we consider the wreath to be a clock, place all your decorations between 7 and 8 o' clock, and leave the rest of the wreath untouched. This idea will work well with the one mentioned here, where you use a colorful cloth to wrap up the frame of the wreath. Contrasting colors or monochromatic colors, both will gel well with this idea.

Beyond Floral Wreaths

Who says wreath ideas only comprise the use of flowers? Try experimenting with other materials such as ribbons, paper cut outs, gift wrapping paper cut into different shapes, and even something as bizarre as a bunch of colorful ties. Just remember to use spring colors like aqua blue, green, yellow, pastel orange, pink, bright purple, etc.
You must have an idea for an Easter spring wreath too. Use any of the wreath designs here, and place some Easter eggs so that they are nestled amid the decorations; or hang a few Easter eggs made of different materials from the wreath. This will add the right touch to the wreath without looking overdone.
Derive inspiration from these spring wreath making ideas to introduce the beauty of spring within and outside your home. While these were just a few ideas for the materials you can use to make spring wreaths, there are a lot more you can experiment with. Think out of the box, and make some masterpieces to welcome spring in all its glory!