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Beautiful Table Decoration Ideas

Marlene Alphonse Mar 22, 2020
Be it a small gathering or a huge banquet, one always feels running out of table decoration themes and ideas when they are most needed. Decorative tables not only attract the guests but prove to be a cherry on top for the beauty, charm and glitz of an event.
One of the best ways to make a party enticing and appealing is to have a beautiful table placed right at the center of the room, decorated in a splendid way. Though food is an important aspect of every party, decorations on a table, done in an attractive way helps in increasing the visual appeal of any party.
The table should be set accordingly to the theme of the party, be it a formal dinner or a buffet or just a casual family get together.

Ideas for Table Decorations

Adding a touch of beauty and stunning looks is the main motive why people decorate the place where they are planning to host a party. Decorations can be according to the celebration and the theme of the party.
Apart from food, gifts and festivities, decorations also play a key role. Here are some helpful points for decorating a table for parties and making them a decorative piece.

Cover It Up

When it comes to decorating a table for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday party or any other special event, the basic thing that must be kept in mind is the table cloth. Choose the color of the table cloth according to the occasion.
For example, for a wedding, crisp, white table cloths are quite popular. There are also many other colors like pastel shades, light blue, baby pink etc., to choose from for any other party. For light colored table cloths, you can match them with satin ribbons, laces, etc.
In case of a wedding reception, you can stick the laces (usually pale pink in color) along the edges of the table cloth. The best thing about these laces are that you can twist them or give them creative shapes. Buy some paper or linen napkins and with the help of a napkin ring, create beautiful designs and arrange them on the table.

Center of Attraction

A centerpiece turns a simple table into a stunning one. There are a myriad of centerpiece ideas that one can choose for table decoration, no matter what the theme of the party is. When you choose one, consider your table's size or it will look cluttered.
A unique centerpiece with fresh seasonal flowers, set in a decorative urn or flower vase will look very enticing. Just make sure that the height of your floral arrangement is such that it does not obstruct the view of your guests.
Floating candle centerpieces, with small crystal balls or floral petals, will give a glowing effect. When decorating the table with it, make sure there is ample space for the cutlery and the table isn't crowded. Fragrant candles in different colors placed on attractive candle holders can also make great centerpieces.

Floral All The Way

Flowers always add a touch of freshness to any place they are in. So you can use bunches of fresh flowers to decorate the place where you are hosting the party.
If you don't have fresh flowers, you can also use silk flowers as centerpieces for decorating the table. Silk flowers can be bought from any store or you can even make them yourselves. Satin ribbons and tulle can be used for making beautiful artificial flowers.
You can use fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables as centerpieces. Arrange them in clusters in the middle of the table, teamed with artistic candles for a unique centerpiece.
The centerpiece ideas can also be used as party table decoration. Sprinkle the table with paper or crystal confetti to make the table look more festive. You can use these ideas for banquet or buffet table decorations which will be a attractive jewel in the party.
Here were a few table decoration ideas. The designs and ideas for table decorations should match the mood and theme of the party, to make your party more attractive and fun. Happy decorating!