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6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

Shruti Bhat Mar 17, 2020
Your 9th wedding anniversary is right around the corner, and you are probably thinking of some special anniversary gifts that will be 'ooh and aah' for the months to come.

Did You Know?

Traditionally pottery or copper is given on the 9th wedding anniversary. However, people often gift leather goods.
Ah ... it's that time of the year when you celebrate uniting with your soulmate. Like every year, you are probable hitting the mall or frantically searching for a perfect gift online.
Trying to recollect what was that he/she had said they wanted? Well, we might not be able to help you remember what they had requested for, but we can help you come up with artistic, creative, and unique gift options for your wife or husband.
Anniversary is not just a time to remember when that significant someone married you, it is the time you show them how much they mean to you and how grateful or thankful you are for them. You can convey this message to them through your acts with a little help from gifts.

Immortalized Moments

If you are a romantic at heart, and have saved those flowers that were once gifted to you, or movie tickets given by him or her, frame them.
Immortalize them by hanging them on the wall for everyone to see. You could also consider immortalizing the vows you had read out on your wedding day.
You might not be a wiz with words, but you could always look up your honey's favorite poem, print it out on handmade paper, and get it framed. You can also choose to get the gold embossing done before framing it.
If that's not a workable option, think of a poem that he/she would like try; for instance, E.E. Cummings' 'I Carry Your Heart With Me (I carry it in my heart)', or 'Sonnet 116' by Shakespeare.

Leather Love

Keeping tradition in mind, you could always think of gifting him or her a (faux) leather wallet, purse, or even leather jackets.
If your honey has a bike, consider gifting leather gloves. If you cringe at the thought of buying or gifting leather, you could always consider faux leather. Remember to keep in mind your spouse's fashion sense while buying it, or else be prepared to get the gift exchanged.

Time Piece

In these busy days, you probably put in a lot of time into your job, family, and friends, and often forget to give time to each other.
So why not give them your undivided attention? Rekindle those early moments that you had once shared. Gift them a timepiece, along with a piece of your time! Add in leather straps to make it a little more traditional.

Early Picnic Date

With some time on your hand, take your darling out for an early date. You can go out for a picnic, or the farmer's market, or just a long drive towards the countryside, and on the way, stop and pick up their favorite meal take-out.

The Magic of Monograms

Monogram the initials of both your names on bathroom slippers, candles, pens, jewelry or whatever else you feel is apt.
You can also choose to engrave your old wedding bands with a small quote like 'Forever mine' or 'I love you', etc. If you know that your spouse won't exchange the watch you have chosen for him/her, you could consider getting that engraved too.

First Date Second Time

Do you remember your first date with your spouse? Those shy and slightly awkward moments, butterflies fluttering in your stomach, nervous smiles, and then the icebreaker that took the load off both of you.
Why not live that moment all over again? So, take your darling out on your first date all over again. Meet up at the same place where you had first met him/her and go along just like the first time.

And Some More ...

If the above ideas haven't quiet fancied your interest, you could always stick to the traditional flowers, candy, and jewelry. Or you could consider gadgets, viz., camera, tablet, cell phone, MP4 player, acoustic speakers, smartwatch, etc.
If your wife or husband has a favorite sports team, you could consider gifting them a jersey, an autographed football, baseball, or a baseball cap, and collectibles. Or if they love a music band, you could opt for an autographed poster or a t-shirt of theirs.
Tickets to a game, opera, movie, or music concert that your spouse is longing to go for would be a great surprise and an excellent gift for them. But don't forget, you being with them will be even better than the actual event.
If you wish to gift flowers, choose poppy flowers over roses or daisies to give your 9th wedding anniversary a more traditional touch.
You can just go to the store and pick up the first thing you see that someone would need or like to have when it comes to friends and relatives. But it's not the same case with your husband or wife. You need to give them a thoughtful gift. Remember, one thoughtful and heartfelt gift is equivalent to hundreds of store-bought ones.