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7 Traditional Christmas Tree Alternatives

Shalu Bhatti Oct 07, 2020
Perhaps you're bored of the traditional Christmas trees every year, or you don't have the time or the budget to get them from a tree farm. No matter what the reason behind looking for traditional Christmas tree alternatives, we will give you 7 awesome out-of-the-box ideas.
Begin by deciding the placement of the tree. Once that's done, look around you; with a plush of creativity, some ordinary everyday items can come together and create an extraordinary Christmas tree!
Unlike all the other festive occasions, Christmas is the time when the air feels miraculous, the gifts seem supernal, and the decorations bring forth boundless joyousness. A Christmas tree is more like an epitome of the decorations done this day, where the tradition dates back to the year 1510.
While once the definition of a Christmas tree was only limited to a real pine, fur, or spruce tree, now artificial trees have become of equal standing. Alternative Christmas trees have broadened the definition even more.
Call it the busyness of the people today, or their inclination to try new and creative ways to redefine the standardized customs, alternative Christmas trees are gaining immense popularity. What makes them even more appealing is their uniqueness, that leaves people awestruck.
When people visit your home this day, expecting the normal decorated tree, your adaptation of a Christmas tree made from unconventional materials, would definitely be appreciated with delight. The following section will give you 7 amazing alternatives to traditional Christmas trees.
These are perfect for decorating on the walls, windows, fences, and similar surfaces. These colorful and charming Christmas trees are a delight to watch, and fun to make.
Grab some unwanted fabrics with textured patterns, prints, laces, crochet, threads, wool, whatever you like, and craft them into some amazing Christmas trees. You can use decorative accessories, such as ribbons and gemstone like sticky dots, to give them a fancier look. These would be an ideal decoration for a glass door.
Your good old cardboard boxes, or thick craft papers may help you make a beautiful Christmas tree.
Roll it into a triangular shape and decorate it with Christmas accessories. Or, if you wish to take it a step ahead, instead of wrapping strings and hanging bells, you can glue some shimmery balls on the cardboard base and make it a masterpiece. A plain cardboard box can be cut in the desired shape, and decorated with colorful Christmas lights.
The best part about cardboard is that it can be easily cut, folded, glued, and pinned into different designs and patterns. Plus, it's not as frail as thin paper, giving your final tree, the steadiness it needs while being painted and accessorized.
Awe your guests by placing the Christmas tree on the main wall of the living room.
Wall Art
An easy and unconventional way to do so is to paint a tree on the wall, and decorate it with Christmas lights―most suited for those who have a tree design on their wall. You can also get a huge framed picture or painting of a Christmas tree and hang it on the main wall.
Or else, just grab a golden garland, and stick it on the wall in the shape of a tree. Crown it with a complementing star made from shiny craft paper.
Have a lot of empty beer or wine bottles at home?
Stack them up together and create an ideal Christmas tree for those who are too fond of the bottle. You may also use a bottle as the base and wrap it up with decorative ornaments. If you look through online stores, you may also find Christmas trees made with clear glass, porcelain, and the like.
Christmas ornaments and decorations are used to decorate the tree, but who knew we could make a tree of them?
Assorted Decorations
These adorable little accessories can come together and make a beautiful wall art. Plunge in your creativity and, if need be, do not hesitate to use some out-of-the-box elements, such as a rolling pin we used to define the base of the tree. Assort different colors or choose a theme. A useful tip would be to frame an outline before sticking the elements.
Who wouldn't love to have a delectable Christmas tree in their house? This option works best for gracing your dining area.
Edible Christmas Trees
Use fruits, chocolates, cookies, or cakes, the options are endless. You can either make small-sized trees, or go for really large ones to give it a grand, expansive look.
If feasible, you can create a special Christmas tree made from dried lemon slices. Use pins, ribbons, and other ornaments to decorate it. Because it is not eatable, it is perfect to keep at a corner of the dining area.
What we love about this option is the fact that it is the easiest to make, and also the most aesthetic.
Dried Plants
You can either use some Christmas ornaments and lights to decorate the existing plants you have, or you can start afresh. It's freezing cold out there so wouldn't have a problem finding a dried branch which can be painted silver or gold, and then decorated with ornaments of the same color.
A bunch of sticks decorated with some bright-colored accessories can look as classy as any other option.
Each Christmas season is different from another, then why does the tree have to be the same―traditional? Try something unconventional this time, and give your guests a refreshing change.
If you have some great ideas, the ones you have already tried, or would like to try, do share them with us. Wishing you all a merry Christmas, filled with a refreshingly pleasant surprise.