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Twins Days Festival - World's Largest Gathering of Twins and Triplets

Sonal Dharmadhikari Mar 4, 2020
Did you know that there's a place called Twinsburg where they celebrate twins? Sounds uncanny, but come the first weekend of August every year, it comes true. This largest annual gathering of twins, triplets, and other multiples is called 'The Twins Days Festival' of Twinsburg, Ohio.

Where it All started: History of the Twins Days

When the US was celebrating its bicentennial in 1976, the town of Twinsburg, Ohio, thought of a unique party idea of feting pairs of twins.
Conceptualized by Charles R. DeHaven (of Revco), Twins Days Festival was started in the memory of the enterprising twins Moses and Aaron Wilcox, who gave the town its current name. Starting from 36 pairs of twins in the first year, the festival witnesses thousands of multiples coming together to socialize today!

All are Welcome!

The festival is attended by biological twins (identical and fraternal), triplets, quadruplets, and all other 'multiples'. If you aren't one of a 'multiple', you can still drop in to see two (or more) of a kind!
The attendees are encouraged to register to get included in the official count and to participate in the many activities. Interestingly, members of the scientific community also come here to study the characteristics of twins through various voluntary tests.

Double the Fun!

Twins Days is full of exciting, exclusive events. The Double Take Parade sees multiples of all ages and kinds walk together to form one great, crazy bunch!
The most-alike and least-alike twins are awarded, races are run, and photos are clicked with tons of twins and triplets posing with each other! Coming here is almost like an annual homecoming to most of the twins, which is evident from their wide smiles and high-fives.

Before You Set Out...

Twinsburg is about 25 miles away from Cleveland. It is a small town, and the festival being increasingly popular, gets filled up pretty quickly with visitors.
Hence, many people also prefer to live in the nearest suburb and travel to the venue each day. So, ensure that your travel and stay bookings are done well in advance.

Other Annual Twins Days Festivals

Though Twins Days of Twinsburg is the largest, there are also other festivals around the world for twins/other multiples.
These include the European Twins Day Festival in Italy, the French Twins Day Festival, and Twins Festival of Szczecin, Poland. These are attracting more and more crowds as the years go by.
Having a twin is a rarity and the bond is special. Such unusual festivals have extended the twins' family manifold, spreading the cheer across the globe!