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Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

This is a time of celebration for lovers, where it can be one of anxiety for those who have no clue about what to do on this special day. Here are some unique ideas...
Kashmira Lad Aug 4, 2020
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many of you may still be stumped about what to get your special someone. The big day of love is probably the one day besides your partner's birthday, where you get them to feel all fuzzy, and special - and it's mutual!
Whatever grand scheme you have in mind, you know as much as we do, that no Valentine's Day is complete without a fabulous plan in the pipeline. So let's get started here on some unique Valentine's Day ideas that will be the highlight of your New Year.

Fun, Impressive and Out-of-the-box Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day should be celebrated everyday, don't you think? The idea of so much love being stuffed into 24 hours is quite ridiculous. But then again, we're all looking for a significant moment to rekindle withered love, strengthen bonds, or rediscover each other. There's so much that can be done, but how to go about it is the tricky question.

Come on, Take a Day Off!

This year Valentine's Day finds us sulking at the fact that it falls on a weekday - disappointing, we know. But you can change all that, and miss work. It's just one day, I'm sure you can manage to pull it off. Have your partner miss work as well and plan a whole day of things to do, couple style.
Here's a list of possible things you can do - pick and choose, or mix and match - the choice is yours.

▪ Throw a pre-Valentine's Day party on the 13th, and bring in the 14th with love drunk couples like yourself.
▪ Plan a day at the spa (make an early booking for two), followed by lunch at a favorite bistro.
▪ Decorate your home with Valentine's Day-esque decorations, and stay in all day watching old movies, exchanging gifts, and then ordering for takeout for dinner (for homey couples).
▪ Drive down one night before Valentine's Day to a nearby bed and breakfast, and enjoy each other's company a little far off from home.
▪ Go out for a movie during the day, stuff your faces with decadent junk food for lunch, and attend a Valentine's Day party in the evening.

Dinner For Two Please

If you put your mind to it, you can cook up anything, and we mean anything. Just head online and check out the mountain of ideas of what you can cook to impress your audience. Choose a three course meal, the first being a light salad or appetizer dish, followed by dinner and of course dessert.
Don't freak out if you've never put together an ensemble of food that is different from the everyday. This would be a good time to cook something for the one adore, leaving them speechless (in a good way!). Look at these dishes for inspiration, or ideas. You'll find groups of three dishes, adding up to a salad/appetizer, dinner, and dessert special.
▪ Guacamole with Tortillas (or Hummus with Pita Bread) / Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce / Cheesecake Brownies
▪ Classic Caesar Salad / Beef Bugnion / Chocolate Mousse Cake
▪ Shrimp Satay / Pan-Seared Scallops on Linguine / Homemade Ice Cream with Fruit
▪ Bacon-wrapped Shrimp / Beef Daube Provençal / Lamington Cake
▪ Lamb chops / Coconut Lamb Curry with Rice / Rice Pudding
▪ Grilled Salmon and Buttered Asparagus / Chicken Lasagna / Texas Sheet Cake

Barbecue Specials / Romantic Picnics

Nothing beats a barbecue. Food is much more appealing and mouth-watering when it's been seared to perfection. Plan an outdoor barbecue at the beach or even if it's just in your own backyard or patio.
Couple it with chilled beer / wine, soothing music, and a laid back day of just whiling away the hours with leisure.
Remember to keep meat and other eats marinating a night prior to V day, so that your foods are flavorful and succulent. Picnics aren't done as often as they should be, so get out there and suck in that fresh air with a lavish spread of fine food and drinks. Choose a quiet hill-top, a sandy beach, a riverside, or the park as your Valentine Day picnic spot.

Down to Every Last Valentine Detail

The thought of Valentine's Day conjures images of hearts, chocolate covered strawberries and bright red elements splattered all over the place.
Find that mushy spot inside of you and have your apartment done (or your partner's) in sentimental decorations that embody the feeling and idea of V Day. Let them come home to a warm, cozy and touching abode that is bursting with love. Add little details and highlights around your home, to make it a one-of-a-kind evening.
These Valentine's Day ideas should help you on your way to plan out this special, much-anticipated time of the year. Feel free to draw inspiration from these suggestions, or build upon them to come up with unbeatable ideas. Have a sensational day.