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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Stage of a Relationship

Sheetal Mandora Oct 13, 2020
If this holiday has you completely stumped on what to get for your amore, then let this gift guide be a savior. These wonderful gifts ideas for both men and women in every stage of a relationship are right on the money.

Surviving Valentine's Day

Never make the error of assuming your partner will share your feelings about the holiday. In order to spend the day/evening together―a day filled with romance or a quiet dinner at home―it's important to know which side they fall on.
Before you plan an hour-by-hour itinerary, it is important to get the gifts sorted and out of the way. But, not everyone can purchase any gift and hand it over to their partner. The actual gift also holds a message to both parties that sort of defines your relationship status to each other and the world.
So basically, forget about going through different sites and blogs for ideas as you need to focus on finding a gift that is appropriate for your relationship. And taking this vital point into consideration, we have compiled a gift guide for couples who are at different stages in their relationships.
First things first, since you have just met this special someone, it is essential to keep things simple.
Just Met or Less than 3 Months
Getting a gift that is too over-the-line will not only spook him/her, but will crush your sentiments if the feelings are not reciprocated.
So, a lovely bouquet of flowers and a quirky Valentine's Day card is a good, strong start.
The relationship is new, you're getting to know one another, and the pressure of keeping things non-committal is what most people look for.
New or 6-month Relationship
In such situations, it's best to discuss this matter with one another before you head out to shop for the gift. Since you have gotten the chance to know him/her, perhaps you're aware of certain things/items they like or are passionate about.
These items can make for a wonderful gift as it shows that you're actually listening to them, and making a mental note of it. Men love their bacon, and hence, we wish to suggest any food item around it to be a definite winner.
As for women, choose from scented candles, a piece of jewelry (not diamonds or precious stones), or a clutch purse will do.
At this juncture, there can't be any excuses or doubts in your mind about 'what' to get him/her.
1-year Relationship
With ample opportunities to understand the likes, dislikes, habits, behavior of your partner, this is your chance to show them that you mean business. So, we thought of giving you a risqué idea of putting an outfit together for the woman you love.
If you do accept the challenge, get the correct measurements for every clothing item. Again, it wouldn't hurt to take a female friend or cousin, or a sister along while shopping. And as for women, our gift idea says it all. Personalized gifts are accepted with open arms. The only thing to remember is to choose one that he will love and utilize regularly.
Before you get hot and heavy about the bedroom shelf unit being categorized as a gift, hear us out. What do women love among a lot of things? Ample wardrobe space! So, that's the reason why a committed boyfriend will get her a shelving unit.
And ladies, if your man doesn't have a personalized leather bag/satchel/shirt for work or school, it's time he does. It's not only a sign of maturity, but will  be a reminder of your love for him.

Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are tough and require a lot of work from both parties. So, when the most romantic day in the year approaches, you need to go all out with the gift.
When she's not home, have your friend or a family member go inside their house/apartment (hopefully it won't pose any issues later on) and keep jars of candy bars. On each jar, place a sweet love note that'll make her day.
As far as women are concerned, how does a surprise visit sound? We hope that you two aren't planning on doing this at the same time, or she won't receive your gift until she returns. Just to be on the safe side, fellas; get the candy jars in at least a day or two in advance.
First, congratulations on your engagement; and second, let's get  to business. Being newly engaged, perhaps you will be interested in over-the-top romantic stuff.
Newly Engaged
Bring out the big guns by getting almost everything (yes, we mean more than one) heart-shaped.
From balloons, box of chocolates, pillow, message in a bottle, to desserts; everything and anything needs to simply blow her away.
This idea won't do for men. If you guys don't have a pet and would like one, now's a good time as any. However, only get a puppy or kitten, or any other pet animal if you are absolutely serious and committed to taking care of him/her.


Ah, newlyweds! The charm of wedded bliss is a powerful potion, and to keep this flame burning strong, celebrating Valentine's Day with the right gift is a must.
For your wifey, how does a collection of gifts for the five senses sound? With gifts to demonstrate sight (play tickets), sound (messages from friends and family), taste (beer basket), smell (favorite perfume), and touch (massage sticks).
For the hubby, nothing says everlasting romance than an engraved wrist watch.
If you know which brand he prefers (or go vintage if your budget allows it), you can get a personalized message, quote, or phrase engraved at the back of the watch.
If you've been married for years (and years), then the flowers, chocolates, weekend getaways, and whatnots must've been done to death. So, how can you keep it fresh?
Married 5 Years or Over
Make a basket of wonderful somethings for your wife; items that she adores, things she won't buy for herself, and some items that come to her as a surprise. As for the men, if he's into music, films, comic books, etc., passes to an upcoming event will be greatly appreciated.
Apart from the ideas mentioned here, for couples in different stages in their individual relationships, you can throw in other activities to brighten the day. A home-cooked meal, a picnic in the park, rollerblading at the beach, hiking through the mountains―all are wonderful ideas that will make your Valentine's Day super-duper special.