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Ways Transformational Festivals Can Spiritualize You

Rujuta Patil Mar 4, 2020
Transformational festivals, that began as music festivals, are becoming more about community building, personal, social transformation, and spirituality. Get enlightened on why you may feel you have gained a spiritual experience participating in these fests.


It is a point of view that believes every living thing to have an inherent value. It advocates biodiversity conservation, protection of environment, and animal rights.
Music lovers would know how much fun a concert of a favorite artist can be. Even better is a two-day, well-planned event, with great food and accommodation, solely put together for fans and music enthusiasts. What if you get to dance (or learn to) along with it? No one would miss an opportunity like this.
Similar to such listening pleasures, the youth of today are enjoying music as a tool to go beyond the material world, beyond the obvious. A not-very-old concept of hosting a variety of crowds together is transformed into a social learning experience for all the participating souls.

Transformational Festivals

These are festivals that support personal and social transformation. Community culture, community building and ethic, and co-creation is all mingled with an atmosphere, where participants express themselves, and what comes out of it is a celebration of life.
It is a platform, open to all, also conducted in an open space, involving various media of expressions: art, music, live-painting, dance, workshops, installation art, colorful performances, yoga, and other such events.
People from several cultural backgrounds, religions, races, including the old and young, come together to discover themselves with the help of others.

How Transformational Festivals Can Change You

Reconnecting with ourselves is sought after through transformational festivals. If you have ever pondered upon questions like, "Who am I?", a transformational fest may help you find an answer. What goes into making these festivals a success is totally up to you (as a participant), and personal transformation begins right there.
A transformational festival lets you enjoy total freedom, and allows you to be as creative as you can. You may engage in a few workshops, simply wander around and interact with people, make friends, possibly form a close group that hangs out together, and so on and so forth. It lets you BE.
Living amongst a multifarious crowd can introduce you to different ways of doing same things. For instance, praying can be done in many ways. In fact, you actually see others doing it.
Suddenly, you get a feel that you have learned something about how we all travel along similar, parallel tracks in life. And, probably you did not expect to see this; or it wasn't how you expected it to be.
Taking inspiration is the gist of this coming together. A way out from the daily world, but still within this world, that helps you see time pass by, taking you along to cheer you up. Changing ourselves is easier when we see others undergoing similar situations (or changes) in their lives.
Where the like-minded have gathered to share some precious secrets to help you out, hope is left behind to worry about everything else. You make new friends, which is like meeting new institutions altogether. Exchanging personal experiences develops a pure connection between you and them, as human beings. It helps you reset your perspective towards others.
Immersion into what you do is another aspect that is ignored otherwise in the routine. But in these transformational festivals, being one with your actions teaches you to identify with your purpose in life. Dwelling in the present moment, you learn to love life; also understand that love is the greatest feeling to be passed on.
This immersion in the activity is achieved through creation, or what is called 'co-creation'. You get to create as you wish, be it painting, dancing, playing with music, or building a structure. You have a thought that you want to work on, and this is the best place to execute it.
You can create an object yourself, or go around the camps to see what others have created. Achieving a dream of yours to become real in front of your eyes, and living life the way you wanted to, are enriching experiences one gains at such fests.
Many have said after visiting one or many of these festivals, that they sensed a strong healing power which helped them relax. It is phenomenal with people around, and you feel you are enjoying total health and peace. Some participants exclaim these fests to actually being a medicine.
It is surprisingly powerful, because you can relate to everyone around you, experiencing how deeply interconnected the universe is.
Revisiting the past, as some rituals are resurrected among groups, is also an important part of some festivals. As is believed, getting to know about the past helps in shaping the future. In this case, it does not limit to a religion, or a few of them when diverse ancient traditions are revived to establish a connect with tribal roots.
Rituals from various cultures and religions are unified, as they are practiced by everyone together. This serves as one of the main aims of seeing the 'one common consciousness' underlying our existence; through which you connect with yourself, with others, and with your community.
People who have participated in transformational festivals have witnessed life-changing impacts, as they earned many meaningful experiences there. Walking in the direction of their true passion in life, they keep coming back to this worldly fĂȘte.

List of Transformational Festivals

'The Bloom', a film series by Jeet-Kei Leung & Akira Chan, makes an effort to capture and portray the immense impact that numerous transformational festivals have had on people, and continue to do so. Here are some of these prominent festivals hosted across the world.
- Lightning in a Bottle, California
- Earthdance (Global events)
- Burning Man, Nevada
- Lucidity, California
- Beloved, Oregon
- Inshala, Canada
- Sonic Bloom, Colorado
- Bass Coast, Canada
- Faerieworlds, Oregon
- Symbiosis, Nevada
- Boom festival, Portugal
- Earth Frequency, Australia
- Water Woman, Ecuador
- Ascendance, Mexico
As Lucidity, one of the festivals describes itself...

"Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. When we become lucid in our dreams, we realize ourselves as infinite potential, we let go of fear, and we are free to create that which we want to see in the world."