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White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 16, 2020
White Christmas trees are back in vogue! Read these decoration ideas to realize your dream of a snowy Christmas.
With Christmas just round the corner, every household is busy preparing for the festival season. Everywhere you go, bright red, green and white decorations welcome you. If you plan to bring in Christmas with your family, you sure must have thought of decorating your Christmas tree.
Did you ever think of getting a white Christmas tree? If not, this Christmas might be the time to make that deviation from the usual Christmas decoration. Decorated white Christmas tree looks absolutely fantastic and makes for a great canvas for other Christmas decorations.

Ideas for Decorating White Christmas Tree

Choose a Theme

Irrespective of whether you decide to go for a green or white Christmas tree, choosing a Christmas tree theme is a must. Since, Christmas is a time for family reunion, a family themed white Christmas tree can truly depict the spirit of a family. For decorations, put some small family photo frames on the tree.
You can also put the pictures of each member taken during a memorable moment of his life. Besides, old Christmas cards which the family members have sent each other over the years can also make for great Christmas decorations.
A funky theme, inspired by bold colors also looks great on a white Christmas tree. Hang baubles or little balls in colors such as pink, blue, purple, red for a very different look. Choose a plain white Christmas tree skirt for storing all those cute Christmas gifts.
If you have a baby celebrating her first Christmas, then a baby themed Christmas tree can be apt for you. Hang little baby socks and booties and cute pictures of your baby on the Christmas tree. Add little statues of Christmas angels to your Christmas tree decorations.
Apart from this, you can also go for the usual red, green and gold decorations. Hang little baubles in red and green all over the tree. For a more stunning effect, hang gold tinsels throughout the tree. Complete your decorations with angels and Christmas ornaments.

Choose a Color

One great thing about decorating a white Christmas tree is that you can make liberal use of all colors. A white Christmas tree can carry any color with great elegance. Blue, silver and white look great on a white Christmas tree.
If you wish to have a very frosty Christmas effect, then cover your Christmas tree with clear glass snowflakes. Hang tiny crystal balls on the tree for added effect. Complete your decoration with little snowmen.
A silver garland that runs along the length of the tree also provides a striking visual appeal. Other colors that look absolutely stunning on a white Christmas tree are royal blue, forest green, burgundy, bright red, etc.
To add a dash of color to Christmas tree, add sprigs of holly berries here and there. Small red birds and funky ornaments can pep up the look of a Christmas tree. For a striking effect, place Christmas tree against a brightly colored wall.
Besides, implement some unique decorating ideas by using old Christmas cards, ornaments and garlands. Add finishing touches to your Christmas decorations by hanging flickering lights on your tree.
You can find white Christmas trees that are pre-decorated here on the Internet. Artificial Christmas tree in white color is another option worth considering. However, the joy of decorating the tree yourself with your loved ones is indeed immeasurable.
There is really no dearth of ideas for decorating a white Christmas tree. The beauty of a white Christmas tree is such that you cannot go wrong with your decoration. No matter how you decorate it, the end result will always be stunning!