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Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Sujata Iyer
Wooden Christmas ornaments are pretty, strong, and durable. Read more about them in this post.
This year, instead of using the same old plastic or fiber Christmas ornaments, how about trying your hand at decorating the tree with some gorgeous wooden ones instead?
That's right, wooden ornaments have been used to decorate Christmas trees since ages. They add a touch of elegance and class to your decorations.
You can make wooden Christmas ornaments at home by using tutorials that are present online. Or if you are exceptionally good at woodworking, then you can come up with some unique designs of your own for the ornaments. Read this information to know more about these ornaments.

What you Can Make/Buy

If you think making wooden Christmas ornaments is difficult, then you can shop for them online or rush to the store and get some. Though they may be a little difficult to find, if you spend enough time and dedication to find them, they will definitely be worth the time, energy, and the money too.
They are probably slightly higher priced than regular ones, but every time you look at them, you'll know that it is a good investment. This is because, apart from looking classy and exquisite, they are quite sturdy. They are very strong and do not break easily.
This makes them very durable and they can be with you and your family for decades to come. And nothing is more precious than a bunch of beautifully carved, handed-down ornaments to make your home look like a mini museum at Christmas. Here are some of the wooden ornaments that you can make or buy.


Though they may not really be very inexpensive, you can definitely hang on to them for a long time. Get some pretty angels in wood and have them painted in white. Attach a bit of chiffon as a cape and a wire halo to complete the figurine.


No Christmas tree is complete without some stars. You can buy wooden stars, apply some glue and sprinkle silver sparkle on them to give the stars a twinkling appearance.


Ah! Reindeer! You can buy reindeer ornaments in plain dark wood and just have the face and antlers highlighted with a marker.


A tree on a tree? That's right.
One of the most popular ornaments is a miniature Christmas tree. If you get plain wooden ones, go all out on them by coloring them with glaze paints and sparkling glue!


2D or 3D bells, it's your choice. If you're getting 2D ones, then they are ideal for a wall or a door. But if you're getting 3D ones, then it's a different ball game. You can hang them on the tree and have them tinkle every time a wind blows by.


Make some pretty 3D dolls by carving wood. Use tiny swatches of cloth to make clothes and hang these cuties on the tree.


One of the most basic and traditional Christmas decoration items, wooden crosses are used all over the world. This year, make or buy them to hang on the Christmas tree. They look wonderful in dark, deep shades of brown, but you can also have them painted in different colors.
Whether you make or buy wooden Christmas ornaments, they are one of the best bets for decorating. You can hang the small ones on the tree and use the slightly larger ones to decorate doors, windows, tables, etc. They are versatile, durable and very friendly to the eyes.